Man’s expectation in his woman

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Just like identical twins are not the same intrinsically, there’s no universal textbook definition for man’s expectations in his woman. Wants and desires may differ and although expectations vary too, what each man expects in his woman remain constant. Some men may like their woman light skinned, dark skinned, chubby, skinny, tall or short but at the end of the day, there’s always that one element that keeps a woman distinctly peculiar for her man. But for whatever expectation a man has of his woman, they become his first means of disappointment as their time together rolls by.

I remember my husband said one of the reasons he was convinced I was the one was because despite circumstances that surrounded me at the time, I chose to raise beyond them and make a differently unique person of myself. So he idolized me as someone who could never do any wrong until we got married. I was heavily pregnant, doing all the cooking while his young female cousin did something else. When dinner was ready, I served my husband and myself. He thought I was petty for not serving his cousin. He was so disappointed and he couldn’t hide it eventually.

A man marries the girl of his dreams and then begins to wonder all his life what happened to that girl he knew before she became his bride and all other marriage struggles and circumstances happened to her. He fails to appreciate the evolution which has taken place just by being married to him too and then he gradually begins to get disappointed in his marriage. On the other hand, a woman marries a man who doesn’t quite fit the image of the Prince Charming she had dreamed of, and then worries all her married life why he is still the same imperfect person he was in their courting days. Bottom line,

“Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”

Someone said men marry because they are tired and women, because they are curious. Although some of us hopeless romantic like to believe that we married for love, there is some truth in the saying. But when we open our minds to possibilities and give room for changes, we will be less disappointed and more accepting of whatever unfolds in our relationships. It’s the only way we can truly appreciate what being different, yet being together is all about.

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