The fish who loved a bird


As much as Ariyike loves Chris, she wants their marriage to be accepted by Chris’s family. When her mother met Chris, she fell in love with him just for the reason that he loves her daughter and makes her happy. Suffice also to say that Chris is the only man her daughter has ever introduced to her. It was a day a joy the day Chris was introduced to her family and she wished it was as grand as that the day she met his mother. Yet, Ariyike is determined not to let anyone come in between her love for Chris.

“I don’t know who you are or where you came from but my brother could never marry you”, Chris’s sister tells her over the phone.

It would appear that the whole world is against them being together just because his family would not accept her but she still wouldn’t give him up. Yet she worries that his family could harm their love.

“If I won’t marry Ariyike is not a consideration but when I do, I will take her away from all of those who will not accept our love for what it is”, Chris tells his family.

“Even my mom has come to know that I am obsessed about you and I will do anything for you”, he tells Ariyike. “It is why she is threatened that you will take total control of me after marriage. I don’t know what will be after marriage but I don’t want to imagine my life without you”, he says to her in the privy of his apartment as he lay his head on her lap, gazing into her eyes. She has never doubted his love. It is his family that she worries her.

“Sometimes before sunrise at the edge of the world, I have seen a place where creations unfurl. Will you come with me this enchanted place where the sea and sky meet?” he asks her.

With tears in her eyes and a smile on her face, she says, “It’s almost as if you’ve seen this coming. You’ve always asked me to come away with you like you knew we wouldn’t be accepted here”. She touches his face as she speaks, then hesitates.

“What is it, my love?” he asks her, sitting up to her. She hides her face from him, hiding the tears that threaten to break her. He gently brings her face to him. “If you will let them loose, we can comfort each other and find our way together”.

She hugs him. She couldn’t hold the tears back any longer. “I want to be yours in seven births and be the only one you think of even in death …”

“No!” He holds his hand against her mouth. “No death. Just life and love and you and I”, he says. “Only those who are alive appreciate life and love and as long as we have found each other, our lives have only began. It’s not ending anytime soon”.

She smiles. “Why are you so perfect?”

“I wasn’t always like this. You happened to me and now I don’t know any other way to be but live for you”.

“Yes, I will come with you and live only for us”, she says.

“If the fish and the bird falls in love, where would they live?” he asks her. “I’ve heard this is the irony of true love, pathetic. But with true love, we will change the course of our destiny and be happy for as long as we both shall live”.


The End.

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