The fish who loved a bird

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“Marry me”, Chris says during one of their many dates.

Ariyike grins.

Chris pulls out a cute jewelry box from his trousers’ pocket. “I’m serious”, he says.

Ariyike moves closer to him, touches his face, still full of that beautiful grin. He kissed ever so gently. “I didn’t doubt you the first time”, she whispers. She stretches out her fingers and he slides the ring on her middle finger. “I love you”, she says.

He smiles and kisses her again.




“She’s not Igbo? You can’t marry her”, Chris’s mother says. It is almost like a reflex behaviour when Chris introduces her name.

“What? You don’t even know her”, Chris is distraught.

“I don’t need to know her at all. She’s not Igbo”, his mother raises her voice this time.

“This is absurd. I love Ariyike. I thought you’d be happy for me. I am happier with her”, Chris says.

“There are many fishes in the ocean”, his mother says.

“But I caught a bird. She’s not your typical among many”, he defends her.

Ariyike stands there, watching mother and son talk about her as if she isn’t even there. Chris really does think highly of her and he’s proven it to her many a times but to argue with his mother over her is something she never thought she’d have to witness. She listens to them go on at each other for a while, confused whether to cut through their argument to prove her love to his mother or respect her and stay out of it. Then Chris takes her by the hand and walks out on his mother.

“Christian!” his mother yells after him. “If you leave this house with that girl, don’t come back here again. But he doesn’t turn back to his mother. He leaves with Ariyike in his arms.




“We can never marry, our worlds are apart”, Ariyike says to him on their drive back toward her place. “How could you steal my heart when you knew I wouldn’t be accepted in her family?”

Chris looks at her but he says nothing. He keeps driving till they get to her place. She comes out of the car and heads into the house. He didn’t follow her in.




Chris comes in an hour later. Ariyike’s eyes were swollen from sad tears.

“Why do you trouble yourself?” he asks her, holding up her sad face. “I am yours and you are mine. Even though I swim in the ocean and you fly in the air, nothing in this world could keep us apart if your love is as true as the love in my heart.” His words sing true.

“And your mother?” Ariyike asks.

“I have found you. You are my Ariyike. My mother will understand it later.



To be continued …

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