The fish who loved a bird

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It’s just like any other rainy day but cold and windy. The kind of day you wish to be indoors, wrapped by soft duvet, sipping on hot chocolate and marshmallows, watching your favourite movie. But with the clapping thunders, no one ought to be out in that rain. Yet Ariyike is out. She has the usual Saturday errands to run – grocery shopping, dropping off clothes to be laundered, picking up fresh ones, coming back home to cook for the week and then off to the salon before Saturday is done. But on this Saturday, just by choice, she decides to do the salon before heading home once and for all to finish off with the cooking. Just as she steps out from the salon, the clouds gave way so suddenly, no one saw it coming. Ariyike hurries to her car but before she walks the distance, her freshly made hair becomes nicely flat on her head. Her sheer pink top becomes even less concealing but it is the least of her worries at the moment. Anywhere but under that rain is where is wants to be. Just as she is about to cross the narrow road to get into her car, a car suddenly splashes rain water on her, adding to her drench and irritation.

“Watch where you’re going”, she yells after the car but even she can hardly hear her own voice over the loud thunders and rainfall.

She hurries into her car and shuts the door. She watches the car drive away in her rear mirror while she wipes away the water from her face with her hand. Then she looks at herself in the mirror.

“Urgh!” she moans. “My hair. My polish”. So instead of going home, she waits patiently in her car so that the rain will stop and she can go back to the salon to retouch her look. But the rains poured even more. She doesn’t know when she falls asleep.




“I’m sorry”, a face outside her window startles her.

She gasps and jumps. “What?”

She looks around. It is nearly night fall; the rain had stopped. Ariyike wonders who the weirdo is, staring at her through her window like that.

“I’m sorry”, he says again. This time, not standing as close to her window as the first time.

Ariyike brings her sit up. She puts her hand over her bosom for fear that her blouse may have revealed more than she is willing to show. She looks ahead and behind and sees the road is busy again. She winds her window down a little.

“Can I help you?” she asks.

“I’m sorry about the other time. I didn’t mean to splash the water on you. My eyes weren’t on the road”.

“Really?” she gave him her haughty eyes.

“It was wrong and also because I didn’t stop to apologize. I saw your car at the same spot so I thought I’d apologize”, he says.

She is calmer now than when he splashed the water on her. Her hair isn’t dripping anymore but her nail polish is ruined. “Ugh”, she moans.

“I’m trying to apologize”.

“I know. You may go. Apology accepted”, she says, without giving attention to him.

“Can I make it up to you?” he offers.

“I’m afraid not. That’s enough irritation for one day”, she says angrily.

She rolls up her window and gets out of the car. She locks up after her and walks away.


To be continued …


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