It’s wedding season! What are you wearing?

I have a wedding in a few weeks from now and I’ve been cracking my head on what to wear. Of course, themed from the chosen colors of the day. I gave my outfit to the designer, I can’t wait to have it. I hope it turns out like I want it.

The thought of being a wedding guest got me thinking about the trending craze with wedding guests now, especially with the outrageous attires they wear. Girls are not smiling o. At all! Whether as the bride or a wedding guest, everyone just wants to dress to impress and that’s putting it lightly. From the face-beat to total transformation, ladies look unrecognizable when it comes to attending weddings. Well, for those still single, perhaps it’s a trending gimmick to snatch off eligible bachelors. But the craze is fast getting out of hand. Some insecure brides may be concerned about what ladies wear to their weddings but to a large extent, I don’t even see that been an issue. The bride is usually too busy enjoying her day, savoring each moment with her new husband. So wedding guests can put on anything as far as the bride ought to be concerned. However, as ladies, what we put on before we leave the privacy of our homes should not be to the point where people can hardly concentrate when they look at you. Yes, every woman wants to be noticed and appealing but this shouldn’t be to the point where wives at the wedding reception have to keep watch over their husbands just because some lady just won’t keep herself contained and well covered in their dresses.

Here are some lovely pieces I’ve seen on wedding guests this year:



Others are:

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Wedding guests need to know that there are certain etiquette they should be aware of when attending any wedding including, especially a Nigerian wedding. Some of these weddings guests’ etiquette include:

  • Not wearing white or a cream dress to a wedding;
  • Not wearing a dress that is too revealing;
  • Pay attention to the dress code, what color did they choose or theme?
  • Do show up with a wedding gift;
  • Don’t get drunk, it’s extremely embarrassing to fall over and grab attention;
  • Don’t show up late, especially when you are scantily clad. It’s extremely rude.

What do you think? What are you wearing to your next wedding invitation?

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