Fit like a glove

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I put my hand in yours

And feel the serenity just by this touch

Anywhere but your eyes is where I want to stare

It will only be the undoing of the heavy emotions inside

Just like a glove, perfectly fit

If only for this moment.


Yet if everything is as it should be

There would be no need for anxiety and strife

There would be no need for complications and explanations.

When two hearts beat as one,

There is no cause for contention.

There is be no need to walk on eggshells and dance on tins

After all, true expression authenticates love that is not easily found.


There is no “sorry” or “thank you” in love and friendship,

Yet appreciation easily strengthens bonds

But you get me confused thinking hardhearted is strength and love is weakness.

This is me,

And it’s not by the newness of feeling or rush of emotions.

This is me, always will be.




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