“I’m here to stay”

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My happiness is in my own hands,

So I’ve heard.

And I want to believe it,

That I am my own hero.

But when you’re not with me,

I’m only hanging in here.


In understanding and make excuses,

I try to be tough,

For you, for us,

But my armor’s just not strong enough.

And I wonder,

‘How completely content can you be when you have to want me from a distance?’


I break down every other day,

Wishing you could be with me,

Hoping I haven’t lost you,

Wishing I could pour out my heart as it pines for you.


I never knew how much I love you really

Until I wished I didn’t at all

And yet you wouldn’t get out of my head.

But you’re a man with few words.

You say your words only when it matters most.

So when you said, “I’m here to stay”

That’s all I want to remember.

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