What do we really want?

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One way, another way. This way, that way. What do we really want?

While Rapunzel was locked away in the tower for God knows how long, she probably rehearsed and dreamed of her escape where some Prince Charming would come rescue her. She’ll maybe marry him and they will live happily ever after. But I saw Disney’s Tangled: Before Ever After with my children last night and it sort of reminded me of a thought I’d had earlier in the day. After being united with her family, Rapunzel couldn’t adjust to the life of space and freedom and all that glamour. She wanted something else, maybe something more outside of the kingdom walls.

Sometimes, there are certain things we can’t condone and we feel hurt or disappointed by them. But when something worse happens, we realize the former was better appreciated than condoned. Let me give an example. A lady leaves her long-time boyfriend because he womanizes and she just won’t have it. Just to prove to him that she can be better off without him, she marries the next best looking man that comes along. Barely two years down the line, she comes to the conclusion that all men womanize. She then began to appreciate the once unacceptable behavior of her ex. At least he was apologetic and remorseful about cheating on her. She wanted for nothing good. Her husband, on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered whether she found out about his philanthropy with other women. Another typical example is the saying, ‘we don’t know what we have until it’s gone’.

While some women also agree that they don’t really know what they want, until faced with particular situations, this dilemma doesn’t only apply to women. Even men think they have it altogether most times. This confidence, ego if you will, often gets in the way of their emotions or real reaction to different situations. If they get to pull it off, it sort of gives them the confidence that they can do no wrong, more like conquer the world. If only women would call their bluff, we’d realize how weak and vulnerable men can be too. So if men have it in them to be vulnerable and yet would stick their egos in the way of ease and simplicity, does that really make them “the man” at the end of the day? Why should they even let it anything get in the way of bliss?

So again, to men and women, what do we really want?

4 thoughts on “What do we really want?

  1. I love the story of Rapunzel; in the original tale she rescues herself! Haven’t seen the new Disney version yet. I get what you describe here, bouncing around from one thing to the next but not finding our satisfaction. I believe what we want is peace and love from within. Once we know how to rescue ourselves it’s easy to say no to anything our soul does not recognize as love or joy. Our heart becomes the perfect gatekeeper. ❤️

    1. I totally agree with you. It sounds so simple yet sometimes we are unable to tell what truly brings us that soul satisfying happiness or love. Maybe because we expect it to wear a certain look too. The heart being a gatekeeper too is faulty because the heart is often swayed in different directions.

  2. To both gender, What do we really want? A thought provoking but factual in other to help ascertain the realistic. However, it’s said that “Human wants is insatiable ” nevertheless when it approaches the distinct affluence of love, peace, passion and emotional drive there must be an equilibrium point of optimum satisfaction with CONTENTMENT. Loving yourself brings about a magical bliss and joy that no one else can influence except you gullibly allow it without looking inward to discern such purpose. YOU are the architect of your life, do not live in fantasy, let your real YOU determine the YOU in you.

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