Who wants an ungrateful wife?


When women hang out together and get down to gisting about stuffs, often times, when they’re not talking about fashion, they’re busy talking about guys! They’re either talking about how their man gives them so much loving or how much heartache he’s causing them. When they go on and on about men, you’ll begin to wonder if there aren’t at least a few good men left. But gisting about each other’s partner is not the exclusive reserve of women alone. Men, too, talk about women when they hang out. And we also complain about some of the negatives of our women. Few days ago, myself and some of my colleagues were at the eatery opposite the office having lunch when our discussion veered to women and how increasingly difficult it’s become these days to maintain a woman in this recession period.

“Problem with most of our women is that a lot of them are ungrateful”, Isaac remarked, packing a mouthful of fried rice. “No matter what you do, they insist you have not done enough, they believe they have given much more to the relationship than you’re giving to them.”

“But must the strength of every relationship be based on materialistic gains? What in heaven’s name happened to good old sweet love?” Seun asked, looking into our eyes for answers.

I shrugged. “Who can give you the answer you seek? Only the women themselves can answer that question,” I’d offered. “It’s not such a nice feeling though, knowing your woman is not appreciative of the little things you do for her…”

“Can you imagine, last week I gave my wife a
wristwatch for her birthday and she hasn’t even worn that wristwatch once as I speak to you!”

We were all surprised as we gazed at each other at the same time. “What did she say is the problem now?” Seun asked, puzzled.

“I think she said something about preferring a better gift or at least getting the value in cash, can you imagine?”

“Problem I have with mine is not even about materialistic things per se, but the fact that she doesn’t even appreciate the amount of affection and time that I give to her,” Seun lamented. “If I struggle through the traffic just to be home on time from work, she says I have been elsewhere with some girl, and not that I came home straight from the office. And to be honest, lately I’m starting to deliberately spend more time outside before heading home hoping she would’ve gone to bed before I get home. The truth of the matter, guys, is that I do not have a girlfriend, but because she nags me all the time and has already concluded that I have a babe outside, why don’t I just go ahead and get myself one then?”

I shook my head. “No, bro, I don’t think getting a side chick is the solution,” I’d advised. “It will only make things worse, don’t you know?”

“Guy, e be like say you no understand wetin we dey talk here?” Isaac had thrown at me. “These women can simply drive you crazy! You go out of your way to do things for them and they throw it back in your face. They don’t appreciate anything. They always want to compare you to other men who are doing big things for their women, can we all be as rich as Otedola? Do they even know how some of these guys they compare their men to make their money? And why can’t they understand that it is only when you appreciate the little things that the big things will come? Honestly, I just don’t understand these women!”

Okay, women, the ball is in your court. You have the right to contest the above impression and express your position, what do you have to say?

Written by Torkwase Kuraun 

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