How can a man love another man’s victim?


Activities are generally designed to keep us occupied – mind, soul and body. Whether good or bad, activities make the world go round, otherwise, we’d all remain static and before long some illnesses would cripple us before our time here is done. If, for instance, we are used to certain things – whether good or bad, that sort of forms our thought process and we accept it without knowing better. And even in some cases, we don’t even want better. Change is an element that often frightens us as humans. If only we were bold enough, courageous enough to dare to be different, we will find that there are better ways of living and life than restricting ourselves in our minds’ eye.

What am I on about?

A certain man is in love, or thinks he is in love with another man’s wife. The first time he approached her, she didn’t have a wedding band on. She was been driven in the back sit of her white C-Class Sedan. She had her sun-glasses and big hair. Her skin glowed at the spot that sunlight hit it through the windowpane. He starred from his G Wagon but she looked on without noticing him. She looked like the type of woman he wanted to come close to. She stops at a supermarket. It was the perfect opportunity for him to drive in after her and maybe get a chance to say “Hello”.

“I’m sorry. I’m married”, she cut him off after she realizing the direction he was going with his small talks.

It was then that he looked at her finger and realized she didn’t have a ring on.

“My deepest apologies. I had no idea. I didn’t mean to be rude”, he blabbed.

She saw his sincere repentance about it and that was it.

Meanwhile, she gets home. In front of her mirror, she takes off her huge sun-glasses which she’s used to cover the purple bruise under her right eye. She sighed. She reaches for her cleansing wipes and braces herself as she cleans off the concealer cosmetic she’d used to cover up the red bruise on her arm and legs. She gets into the shower and before she could feel sorry for herself, she’s back in the kitchen making food for her husband who delights in snapping and hitting her at will. He was just generally unappreciative of her. His aim was to bring her permanently under his submission regardless of the fact that he married her a socialite.

She will not leave him because everyone thinks they look good together. She will not leave him because she wants to be understanding and make excuses for him. She will not leave him because he takes care of his responsibilities toward her. For her, it would be futile to leave. Otherwise – “Leave to where?”

Most women trap themselves under the illusion that once married, everything that’s not tolerable should be endured until death. Even as much as the rate of divorce is raising, we still have a large percentage of women whose number 1 fear is DIVORCE. So they stay to be the perfect wives, the perfect daughters and the perfect mothers.

And although this other man tried to forget the woman, he couldn’t understand why or what kept distracting his attention at business meetings and social gatherings to this mysterious woman he didn’t even know. Six month later, they meet randomly again. He recognized her with those huge dark sun-glasses. This time, he had to hello in an intelligent way. “I thought I recognized you”, he says over her shoulder. She looks back. “The Married Mrs.”

“I’m sorry – Do I know you?”

He was hurt but then there was nothing to remember him by.

“No, you don’t and I don’t know you either but our paths crossed some months ago. Nothing memorable, of course”.

She looks at him confused but she couldn’t resist the haughtiness in her eyes. It had nothing to do with him. The fact that he is a man is enough reason for hatred but when she got home, the wildest possible thoughts ran through her mind.

How can a man want another man’s wife?

How can a man love another man’s wife?

How much of respect will a man have towards another man’s victim?

How will a man appreciate and not end up condemning eventually another man’s vomit?

2 thoughts on “How can a man love another man’s victim?

  1. Got me hooked up wanting to read more, when are we seeing the next episode. Very interesting and mind capturing, good work dear.

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