I’m no warrior for love

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I fell in love against the odds

I shouldn’t, but you became more to me than I was willing to admit

A little holding of hands,

A little smile,

Little words that capture the heart.

I was betrayed by emotions

Emotions which has yet refused to leave me.

Now that you are reset to default,

You chose that just I was getting started.

You dared to be bold,

I dared to love.

But I am no warrior for love.


I will what I will

And won’t what I can’t

It’s got nothing to do with you

It’s just the way I am

So show what you feel

Mince no words

But you are under no compulsion.

Yet I see it naturally in the way you look at me

It’s in the way you take my hand in yours.

Perhaps hearts are often broken when there are words unspoken

And I’m completely off my terrain

But I will stick it if this is your language.

I will stick it

But again, know that I’m no warrior for love


I will only do what you allow

I will only go where you want

But I cry for more

I will not fight to have it

So meet me where you brought me

Or leave me where you met me

But until you do,

I’m no warrior for love.


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