The power of unrequited love


Without a lover is his arms, what else is a man to do?

People often shroud their fears in words,

Relationship status may change, but our fears remain.

People often falter on the slippery slopes of relationship and we often lose ourselves

But let the one who is lost find his way back.


For if love is lost, then maybe we can give friendship a chance.

But how easy it is to love someone who doesn’t love you in return?

I say, “It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world”.

There’s nothing like the power of unrequited love.

Unlike other bonds, it isn’t shared.

It is mine and mine alone.

For a love like this, I don’t need you to love you.

There’s no better gratification than this.

For if you gamble in the name of love,

Stake it all but not fear.

How wonderful the experience if you win.

But even if you lose,

All is not lost.

One thought on “The power of unrequited love

  1. This is breathtaking, it is certainly thought provoking, I’ve read it several times, well understood yet lost in emotional jingoism. Unrequited love, a one way unconditional and helpless strong feelings. Sometimes this thing called love is unexplainable. Well done babe, you really got me thinking 😊

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