Travelling for the first time? Avoid the extra luggage

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A lot of us (Nigerians) have concluded that there is a better life or opportunity outside Nigeria. Well, I’m not with the school of thought that no one should check out. It’s a ‘thing’ most of us a yearning to do now. Whether traveling to stay away permanently or it’s just a getaway trip for you, you don’t want to be too excited and pack all of your life’s property in the name of traveling in comfort. You also don’t want to get to the airport and have half your stuff thrown out in the name of excess luggage.

So here’s a list of thing to ditch on your much anticipated trip, especially if it’s your first time and more especially if you’ve got accommodation sorted at your destination:

  1. A blow-up pillow into which you plunge your head. Apart from the fact they are extremely unattractive props, it just takes the space you don’t have.
  2. A foot rest. I’m not even sure this is allowed on a plane so don’t bother no matter your health or safety preference.
  3. A pack of books. They weigh too much to be carried around. One book per trip will do just fine. Remember, it’s not a work holiday anyway.
  4. Expensive jewelry. Hey, you don’t want to risk losing those anyway so leave your bottom boxes at home.
  5. Your entire make-up kit. Bring the basics, ditch the rest. You will be surprised at how little face paint you need, particularly when you are on holidays, and stunned at how much these small items collectively weigh.
  6. Large containers of any toiletry. These days you can find miniature versions of good quality brands in chemists and supermarkets. You don’t need to bring the whole of your beauty routine along with you on a trip.
  7. Iron all of your clothes before you go on your trip because taking a travel iron with you is just extra kilos to weigh you down. Better to iron your clothes beforehand and roll them to pack them. I learnt to this from my sister. You’ll find you have more space for other stuff too.

Now for a smart luggage, you definitely want to pack these:

  1. A lightweight suitcase on wheels, with several compartments. You will be surprised at how far you have to walk while you are in transit. Compartments, too, are handy for non-clothing items such as your book, shoes and belts.
  2. Packing cells. I’ve become a convert to these individual pouches into which you simply divide your clothes by type. Finding specific items is incredibly easy and unpacking and repacking, a pleasure.
  3. A pillow case which can also serve as a laundry bag. Nothing screams efficiency more than an item that can do two jobs.
  4. Headphones. Ear plugs are also good for simplicity and size. The point here is peace and quiet during your trip and they also help reduce the ear screeching.
  5. Taking an extra phone with you can actually be a really smart idea too. Your current smart phone and your old smart phone. If you’re really smart, you’ll switch off global roaming on your current phone, but still receive texts and Wi-Fi where it’s available.
  6. Ziploc and plastic bags. Ziploc for your liquid items for security checks. Plastic bags are super handy especially for those of us who like carrying wet food items across borders.
  7. A pen. Extremely useful for filling out immigration forms. One with a light is even cooler and practical when walking back to your room in the dark.
  8. Basic toiletries such as eye drops, nasal spray, lip balm, make-up wipes and moisturizer are particularly handy on long-haul flights.

At the end of the day, you don’t want your holiday experience starting off as a depressing chore so do yourself the favor, travel without the extras. You can thank me later! 🙂

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