This Is Our Pride: Green White Green

It’s not pride, it is confidence

That Nigeria will rise again

It’s not speculation, it’s the assurance we have

That we shall see our dreams for a great nation fulfilled before our eyes.

Every little baby has the power to be great

And every tall tree grew up from some mustard seed

If we believe it, we will achieve it

If we work it, we will harvest the good therein

We are Nigeria

Not the greedy politicians’ victims

We continue to fight

Not for better leaders

After all, no single leader is worth dying for

But we persist

Because this is who we are

Green White Green

And this is our pride
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Nigeria @ 57: Empowerment & Succession

Instead of restricting the talents and silencing the opinions of fresh minds, instead of overprotecting and guiding on same paths that go nowhere, we can maybe let the young ones live a little, make their own mistakes and trust that they will learn better from their own mistakes. All minds are not equal, one that is academically inclined might not be good with anything else and the other who is inclined in other gifted areas may not be academically. Learn to observe, listen and nurture the seed that is deposited for the benefit of the community in your child. … More Nigeria @ 57: Empowerment & Succession

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