Why we make out with eyes closed


It’s funny how the mind wonders at times and even more intriguing are the things we wonder about. Like laying in my bed, tossing and turning and there I was, wondering why people close their eyes when they kiss or make out. So here’s me trying to do what I do best – explain these things to myself by expressing it in writing for others as well. Or maybe your mind has wondered, at some point too, like me and you’ve wondered why your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband closes his or her eyes while making out with you. Well, let’s try to explore the possible reasons together.

Many people automatically assume that if their partner has his or her eyes closed while they are making out means that they’re fantasizing about someone else. However, this may not be the case! There are many reasons why people close their eyes while making out, but despite what many think, making out with your eyes closed is not always a bad thing. In fact, researchers say it might give a better, more magical outcome to the “task” at hand. Psychologists says people close their eyes while kissing to allow the brain focus on the “task” at hand. I agree that vision and tactile sensory experience may be quite contradicting. Or how do you explain staring into someone’s eyes while kissing them? That would just be plain weird – looking at him or her looking back at you, trying to interpret what one look in his or her eyes while you’re supposed to be lost in the task at hand. It would just take away the magic of the moment. Cognitive psychologists Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy found “tactile awareness (sense of touch) is dependent on the depth of perceptual ability in a simultaneous visual task”. This might as well be summarized as the more you are able to fantasize about the act, the better you are at it. I’d imagine fantasies are prettier with eyes closed. Just saying.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to sex, which means that everyone practices it differently. Sometimes people close their eyes because they simply like to. People tend to voluntarily close their eyes in trusting situations as it inhibits their ability to see their surroundings. It can make people feel vulnerable, but it can also allow people to simply relax and just let go.

Sex is something that takes concentration, especially to climax. Men sometimes close their eyes to focus on lasting longer, or staying hard, if they have difficulty in these areas. Otherwise, closing their eyes in the most stimulating moment may just result in a quickie. Women can sometimes close their eyes to focus on achieving an orgasm. Men seem to think that a female orgasm is as easy to attain as a male orgasm is, and for some few lucky women it may be. However, for the majority of women, achieving a full body orgasm is a lot more difficult to attain. Some things that can get in the way of achieving an orgasm are body-image, sexual and emotional insecurities. Orgasms for women are about 90% emotional.

If you feel as though your partner is not looking at you because of your image, try telling them to look at you in a positive way. Like “I love when you look at me like that” or if your partner doesn’t usually open his or her eyes, try saying something like, “I get so turned on when you look at me like that.” Sometimes, if you’re not comfortable being verbal you don’t even need to say anything, instead you can hold their face and look at them passionately and kiss them once you’ve established eye contact. This may even make you feel closer.

Really, most people don’t expect to maintain eye contact while making out throughout the entire act of it, but occasional eye contact, especially during missionary position can bring two people closer, especially emotionally.

Losing one sense is known to heighten all other senses. If you close your eyes while making out, or your partner does, don’t necessarily jump to conclusions that it is a negative thing, it could be anything, and maybe they’re just focusing on feeling, tasting, smelling and hearing you.

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