Secrets women keep

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Ok so ever since I wrote secrets men keep, I’ve had guys call me, eager to know the secrets women keep. I would be a sell out to share those secrets but to be fair, I’m going to sieve out some basic ones so that we’re not causing trouble by the end of this article.

While a woman may tell her man a little white lie to save him from getting his feelings hurt, there are other things that she will keep from him for other reasons. Perhaps she doesn’t want to discuss a given topic or she doesn’t want to argue about it. For whatever reason, there are some pretty universal things that most if not all women keep from their significant others. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  1. Money

Most women won’t actually tell you how much money they spent shopping. They may also show you some of the items that they purchased, emphasizing that most were gotten “on sale.” Some items may be hidden in their cars, until you aren’t around to see what’s being brought into the house. Some women may even have their own “secret” bank accounts.

  1. Money Talk Turns Women Off

While it’s great to have a guy who has his finances in order, we don’t want to hear about how much green stuff you’ve got. We’d much rather know that you work hard and that you’re ambitious than hear that you take lavish vacations twice a year or how you gifted someone huge amounts of money once. This is a great area where “show don’t tell” works nicely.

  1. Women Like To Feel Independent

Women like to be taken care of but many also like to feel like they can take care of themselves too. On another note, we may complain about you having a night out with the guys, but secretly, we can’t wait to have that solitary space by ourselves too. Just don’t have too much fun without us.

  1. Women Like It When You’re Jealous

A woman may play it off like your jealous tendencies are annoying or ridiculous, but the truth of the matter is that we like when our guys are a little territorial. Of course, we don’t want you to overdo it, but we like to feel wanted.

  1. Women Starts Fights Because She’s Feeling Ignored

Women try to force emotions out of their men sometimes just to get that reassurance that he’s still got something for her. Advice for the men, don’t retreat into your cave. Just give her what she wants – a little attention.

  1. Women Can Get Turned On Just By Looking At Your Hand

I’m going to throw this last one in just for the fun of it. You can do the math yourself!

4 thoughts on “Secrets women keep

  1. Interesting…to further emphasize your point on the fact that women like to be taken care of, I feel that even though we want to be independent in making our own money, it should be an extra extra for the family and not money that is now depended upon in running some things in the home. I want to be able to quit my job whenever I want without having to worry about what will happen to the lifestyle my family enjoys, afterall, I no hear say Sarah fear any day say Abraham no fir provide for the family…just my 2 kobo opinion o…

  2. Women Can Get Turned On Just By Looking At Your Hand
    I’m going to throw this last one in just for the fun of it. You can do the math yourself!
    Come on be specific, what exactly are we talking about or what exactly is the woman’s interest, the hand or the fingers, I suspect the fingers because they assume the size of the fingers determine the size of the manhood. Mind you I have seen exceptions ooooooo.
    However, well-done dear, we can still manage more info sha 😊

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