What gives fulfillment?


For a man who has a family to fend for, he may be motivated to get out of bed every morning faced with the realization of the responsibilities before him. Or perhaps, he is motivated by his dreams from days of his youth to be the best at his prime. But for whatever his motivation is, he pushes harder, tirelessly until he reaches the finish line. At the finish line, there are feelings of satisfaction, triumph and fulfilment for the set goals accomplished. Then what? Another chase? Another set goals? Another win.  Until there is no more energy or passion for the things we do, what really makes it worth all the effort? What gives us fulfilment really?


The sanity of a man can be kept together by something as simple as a job. Just the activity in getting dressed, going out to be a part of a group, interact and be physical in some ways give meaning to the everyday life. No matter what that job is, it can be as vocational as being a hair stylist or as professional is being a CEO of a company, as long as you have something that keeps your mind occupied, whether you admit you love your job or not, it actually contributes to your larger sanity. Now whether you feel fulfilled by what you do is another thing entirely and perhaps a lot of people fall into this category because, let’s face it, at the end of the day, we just want something to show for the efforts put in.


Some of the things that lead to stroke are inactivity of certain parts of the body, I want to imagine. Except you’re a lover of exercise and the gym or your job demands very physical activities, children are a healthy (and sometimes can be an unhealthy) way of keeping all of your senses alive and to use. Some people find having children as a healthy way of keeping themselves active or even convinced themselves it’s a pleasurable way of confirming their fruitfulness or productivity in some measures. Like other relative factors, having children are relative if that’s one of the things who clamour for in your adulthood.


I’m tempted to laugh out loud. Don’t get me wrong, money is good. It is fantastic. I mean, I could think of a million things I’d like to do with it and I haven’t even figured out how much of it will be enough for the things I want to do but for some reason, I still won’t give my all to have it. The saying “money answers all things” may as well be right if only it could give the fulfilment that a barren woman want or revive a dying child or give the kind of peace of mind that assures you of paradise after life.


The exciting pleasure that intimacy gives sometimes, we think, is second to none. If done though, it gives a temporary ease from all other stress or worry but what is the use of going to any extent, breaking all boundaries just for a few minutes (or if you’re lucky, a few more) of pleasure which in some cases might be leading to a life-time of consequence.


Now success is a very relative term. A writer who dreams of being successful may be of the opinion that until his/her book makes waves in the market and is able to sell out within a few weeks of publication, he/she hasn’t succeeded. Or perhaps another writer whose idea of success is to make life-changing impacts with the little readers his/her book can reach. Success is only measurable against the standard which we have set for ourselves. If what I want is to be a stay at home mom, then success will only find me on that level. But if what I want is to be the among Forbes’ top 100 most influential women in the world, then I have by myself raised the bar for which I will have to run with till the day I attend my dream. So it is safe to say while success may have started off as a journey, it comes to an end at a destination, except of course our success story is operations of some sort.

While we may say that these things on their own may or may not give our lives fulfillment, they are indeed areas of life that add up to give our existence meaning. Without sounding like a preacher, you might want to be thankful for what you have. Otherwise, experiencing the other side of where you are might just be the awakening you need to realize that there is some measure of achievement and fulfillment right where you are.

2 thoughts on “What gives fulfillment?

  1. Great article…total fulfilment is a sum of parts which are universal to the human race – spiritual/physical/emotional/Physiological etc. Only difference is how each individual prioritizes and puts in the energy/passion to see fulfilment materialize.

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