Why men fall in love

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You know, typically, I can’t think of one good reason why men fall in love. Not that women are not complementing in so many ways but men just like to be men (egocentric) most times that they forget that it’s OK to just be human too. Be vulnerable or not, it doesn’t mean you haven’t got the same red blood running through your veins like a woman’s. So many things make a man but you might as well be just a man – the man with the 6 pack abs, the man riding in the back sit of his Bentley, the man retiring before the age of 40, the man traveling the world with no care in the world. The difference in men, for a woman, is the communication substance. What makes a man speak with respect, care, truly listening to a woman determines, eventually, the quality of fulfillment he’ll have with his 6 pack abs or when his cruising in his Bentley or what he does with the rest of his time after retiring at 40 or what the world will mean to him then when he’s traveling the length and breadth of it without care.

What makes a man speak with respect, care or truly listen to a woman – it is already in his nature, to spend and be spent unconditionally. So if only a few men can truly love, let’s examine those qualities in a woman that gets a man doing what he ordinarily wouldn’t do?

What makes guys fall in love really?


Well they say there’s no such thing as love at first sight. To a large extent, I agree. But we have to agree that unless the opportunity presents itself, there would be no chance at all in the first place. So whether it be the first time or the 100th time, that time when Cupid’s arrow hits your lonely little heart and you see that person in a whole new light, that’s the beginning of a brewing love affair for a man. Well, maybe not all men have the patience for Cupid’s love but everyone gets susceptible to good things (a good woman too) some times.


Now, when some men realize this moment or their potential one and the moment is not right, like it’s not a good time to approach a lady, likelihood of giving it a go is zero. So for the guys who don’t want to blow the opportunity, they approach the matter delicately and with time. So ladies, perhaps, you’ve noticed someone about you like that, be patient if you want the forever after kind of love.


It’s mostly believed that men think of sex more than women do. Whether physical connections or emotional one, I’d like to think that some form of mutual cravings for intimacy makes the heart grow fonder. It’s not going to manifest into a deserving relationship if you have a man yearning and the woman is wanting for material benefits for instance.


There’s a lot to be said about guys who find women that remind them of their mothers. But the real desire is to feel safe, to feel supported, to have a “life partner” in the truest sense of the word. Men want someone who makes them feel comfortable, someone to complement their weaknesses.

Of course, there are a few more things, I’d like to believe, makes a man fall in love but because I’m not a man, perhaps the men might want to enlighten us – for the benefit of good girls out there waiting on Mr. Right.

We’ve read in books and heard in songs what love is and what it is not but for what it’s worth, when a man falls in love though, it is one of the most beautiful things a home can experience. It lights up everything!

3 thoughts on “Why men fall in love

  1. Your points were quite thorough, however, there’s need to consider some significant value such as:
    -Self esteem
    -Humility and
    -Open minded i. e ability to communicate
    These are tendencies I opinionated as it concerns the topic in view.

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