Singles, Get Over Yourself!

It is becoming increasingly pretentious of singles, especially with around their married friends and family, to castigate relationships perhaps to make themselves feel better about themselves. Yes, we all know married also comes with its own baggage but there’s no glory in demeaning marriage.  … More Singles, Get Over Yourself!

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Why men go for ladies they know they can’t have

Resist the urge. Date these women at your own risk.

It’s old news that we all sometimes want what we can’t have. That doesn’t make it less perilous but we dare ourselves sometimes believing that we can get away with almost anything. Here’s a list of some of those occasions you know you ought to run away from but you just find that you can’t help the craving to be otherwise. … More Why men go for ladies they know they can’t have

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Move over, there’s a new Sheriff in town!

I might not be a serial victim of breakups but I find that anytime I need to wear a different personality, I go for a change of hairdo. So maybe typically for blacks, we don’t have the luxury of cutting out hair at will for fear of slow growth but trust me, there’s a younger, better and more refreshing feeling it gives on the inside. I have cut while it was at its prime once and it felt so good. … More Move over, there’s a new Sheriff in town!

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It’s time to say goodbye

Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit, at least that’s what they say. So whenever I get discouraged, I look for that one excuse to hold on, hoping that perhaps there’s something there that will be worth my effort and steadfastness at the end of the day. A lot of pictorial messages say “it will end in praise” but does every story end in praise though? I suppose it depends on the perspective in which you look at it. Just because it hurts when it ends doesn’t mean it’s not for good eventually. Such is the situation when you’re convinced within yourself that it is time to move on in that draining relationship and say goodbye! … More It’s time to say goodbye

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Raising Children: Differentiating between child labour, abuse and what’s normal/healthy.

Speaking of responsibilities – I was driving through a community recently and saw these group of public school pupils outside the school premise, cutting the overgrown grasses with cutlasses and hoes. At first, I thought – wow, who let’s their child leave home and come be a gardener at school? Can’t the school afford aboki to do the job? Is it safe for them to be outside when they should be catching up on the new term’s curriculum? Is it safe, basically? … More Raising Children: Differentiating between child labour, abuse and what’s normal/healthy.

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Signs she’s interested

I would expect certain things are just that obvious like when a lady is interested in a guy and when she’s not. But it’s really repulsive when guys just choose to ignore the signs and rather choose to be hopeful about the situation.  Some guys say persistence is the word. Well, I don’t know about that but a girl won’t like or want what she won’t have no matter what. If a guy is attentive enough, you’d know when she’s just playing hard to get from when she just finds you repulsive.   … More Signs she’s interested

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