You’ve probably heard of Swissgolden or what’s that?

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By this time next year, will you still be running around in this rat race you call salary? Will you be able to confidently sort your bills without lamenting?

Things will not get cheaper. School fees will not reduce. Cost of transportation will not reduce. House rent will not come down. The earlier you start doing something about your finances, the better.

Is there anything wrong with earning an extra 250k – 1million every month? Nobody ever made money by just wishing but by action.

Join swissgolden and free yourself from the rat race syndrome


Ok so let’s have a little presentation about Swissgolden for your enlightenment.

I hear many times people says ‘until I meet with you’ as if seeing me will make them start the business. Yes, Swissgolden is a business and just like any other business start-up, there is little or no need for a physical meeting with anyone before your business can kick off or better yet, it doesn’t determine the amount of success you earn from your business, especially in this day of e-marketing.

Swissgolden is an online shop, just like Ali Baba, Jumia, Konga etc.  Swissgolden is a web shop that trades in investment gold bars of Switzerland and Germany. The Swissgolden is intended for purchase and sale of an investment gold in bars. Gold bars are bought and sold in the Internet – shop in any quantity and any values from 1 to 100 grams. Bars delivery is carried out by the insured mail or they can be received by prior arrangement in the delivery department in GB, as well as they can be left for safekeeping in the certified depository of precious metals.

With the global incidence of recession, making wise and clever investment choices is imperative.

Swissgolden is very simple – POWER OF TWO.

There are 4 basic types of investment programs/orders provided by Swissgolden as shown in the table below:

💥The Start order Program

💥The Main order Program

💥The VIP order Program

💥The VIP Plus order Program

Here’s the breakdown of the bonus program

  1. The preliminary START TABLE = €75 about N46,000
  2. The START TABLE =€200 about N118,000
  3. The preliminary MAIN TABLE = €280 about N150,000
  4. The MAIN TABLE = €740 about N400,000
  5. The preliminary VIP TABLE = €1050 about N590,000
  6. The VIP TABLE = €2800 about N1.4m
  7. The preliminary VIP Plus table = €3550 about N2m
  8. The VIP plus table = €9850 about N5.4m


You start with €75 or ₦46,000 which places you in a table of order (which is made up of 7 cells), called the START PRELIMINARY TABLE

So this is you below:


Next, you’re expected/mandated to introduce 2 partners (down lines) to come under you as shown below:


👤     👤

Okay cool, then you are expected to work with your down lines vitally/encourage them to get their own 2 down lines each as well.

As soon as that is done: a structure like the figure below is established:


👤     👤

👤 👤     👤 👤

Having this structure earns you the first €260 on the START PRELIMINARY table.

Then the company removes €200 out of your earning to place you on the START MAIN TABLE and the balance paid into your back office.

Note that Preliminary table is to enable you make the money needed for the START MAIN TABLE

Same principles applies on the main table and every other tables until the big BOOM!

Payment/Cash Out of your earnings can be in 3 options:

  1. Keep in storage
  2. Have it delivered
  3. Sell back to the company

If you choose to sell you get paid instantly into your euro account with Swiss golden and can use it to exchange for Naira with new customers buying so you pay for them and they give you Naira equivalent. This is called coupon option.

You can withdraw to your bank, OKPAY, perfect money & bitcoin accounts.

If you have further questions or queries, reach out to me on the email in my bio.

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