Part 20: Cry me a river

It was morning yet the skies were as dark as the night. With so many relatives and friends in the house to comfort Mother on the loss of her husband, the house too seemed too quiet for comfort. Just two weeks ago, the same people had gathered at our house to mourn my brother, ejire mi. Now, they are gathered to mourn my father and tomorrow? Only because the Doctor assured Mother I could live a healthy life if treatment and medications were taken seriously, I wanted to believe I would live to bury my mother. For all it is worth, I want to see her smile again.  … More Part 20: Cry me a river

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Part 19: Waiting to die

“What I’m about to tell you now might not be what you need to hear now but the sooner we begin to deal with the virus, the better chance we have to beat this”, the Doctor sounded alien.

“What virus?” I asked in fright. … More Part 19: Waiting to die

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