Part 15: Quitters never give up

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“Omolade, I beg you. Please stop this”, Omololu started again one afternoon. “I’ll do anything you want. Just stop this demeaning act. This is no fun.”

I met two Americans at the club the other night with Tolani and Funmi. It obviously didn’t go down well with Tolani that Funmi and I chose to leave with the guys. Tolani didn’t have a choice. She had to come with us but she was careful not to sleep at all so that no one would invade her privacy. All of the brief excitement I had with Peter wouldn’t let me be normal again. It was the beginning of something beautiful that Dan wouldn’t indulge. The more alcohol I had, the more I wanted sex, and Funmi knew just where to get it as often and random as the urge demands. By the time I was having this conversation with my brother again, I lost count of how many random men I had been with. It was even more fun that I didn’t need their money and for that reason, they wanted me to stick around more than I wanted to. Tolani didn’t like it. I suspected she told Omololu about it.

“You would do anything?” I asked, raising a brow so mischievously.

“Just name it,” he insisted.

“Quit The Brotherhood. When you do, I’ll give this all up”.

Omololu froze. It had been sounded to him during his initiation that he could never leave The Brotherhood. In as much as he had also wanted to quit, the threat had been what was keeping him bound. He knew that to quit was death and he had told me that. I understood that it would be impossible to quit. I too didn’t want to give up my racy lifestyle.

“That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about and you know that. Why are you being difficult?” Omololu sounded frustrated.

“Then leave me alone. When you’re ready to stop being a cultist, you can come back”.

Omololu stomped out of my room defeated once again.

Tolani could not understand what the weird stubbornness in me was and quite frankly, I couldn’t help myself either. Sex, to me, had become an addiction. I needed it to feel good with myself.

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