Part 14: Come back to me

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I could only be comforted afterwards by alcohol and the wild parties. Funmi was just right the person to keep me functioning in that new lifestyle. Omololu eventually came to know. There was only so much I could keep away from him. Despite the fact that he was getting busier with school and with The Brotherhood, he still made time to see me every now and again. He threatened to report me to Dan if I didn’t give up my mayhem. He must have thought the mention of Dan would make me snap out of my initiation but it angered me even more.

“Dan has nothing to do with this. He is my problem, my boyfriend and you have no right to interfere in our matter”.

He chuckled in a way that didn’t signify that he found what I said funny but his annoyance came even stronger after it. “Since it angers you so much that Dan shouldn’t be involved then he is the right person to be talking you about this. I’m certain you’ll listen to him”.

“Oh please! You’re no saint yourself. I could as well be talking to -” Just then, I began to cough. At first slightly but as I struggled to speak, I felt more choked which only aggravated the cough. I began to feel itchy sensations around my chest as I coughed even more.

“Take, drink some water”, Omololu handed me a glass of water he got from my mini fridge. It took a while to be relieved. By the time I was calm, my eyes were red and my throat was sore. “Are you okay?” he said, concerned that I had coughed so hard for that long.

I nodded, trying not to choke on words.

“Good. I have to go anyway”. He said, his hand still on my back from the previous gentle pats. I nodded again. “Just make sure you see Dan. He asked me to tell you that”, Omololu finished as he headed for the door.

Right. Dan. The sudden realization of normalcy hit me and I dreaded having to face him again if he could easily see through me just as Omololu just did. I rested in bed, hoping to get rid of the sudden throbbing headache but the anxiety I felt wouldn’t let my heart beat stabilize so that the headache could subside. I must have calmed down eventually enough to fall asleep.

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