Is love more physical than emotional?


Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, usually strongly and beautifully experienced. It ranges from the deepest affections to simple pleasures, like the love of a mother which differs from the love of a spouse or the love for food. Commonly used, love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction and attachment.

The essence of this article is not to get into what love is and what it isn’t but to appreciate the man and woman’s demonstration of their understanding of love. Like what is love for a woman and what does it mean for a man? When a woman says ‘I miss you’, what does she really mean and what is it for a man to utter those words?

If you listen to people talk about love between men and women, you will find that the love they describe may have only a slight or no resemblance to the true meaning of unconditional love. More men and women believe love is a physical attraction that somehow magically appears which should be cultivated by keeping the other party interested. From the rush of adrenaline and the pounding heart which accompanies puppy love, to the passionate emotions of the heart’s affair, it becomes a difficult test for people not to yield to sexual thoughts and deeds. The intense emotions that accompany relationships and perhaps coupled with the pressures of society, combine to push people into playing stereotypical roles in dating. Men and women do their best to be interesting to each other and the pressure to be constantly remain appealing to the other party may rub couples of true dispaly of emotions in their relationship. When a man and a woman fall into playing “the game of love” they lose their identity as people who can truly love each other.

Otherwise, when emotions come to play, if a man loves a woman, and a woman a man, when they look in each other’s eyes they are not filled with lust but with love for each other. When their hands touch they are not filled with desire but with deep intuitions of love. When they are with each other, they know their love will not fade but will truly last their lifetimes. If you love someone, when you look at them, their physical appearance will not matter in matters of your heart, you do not think about what their personality is like in most cases, and even if they are not with you, thoughts about will not be centered around holding them or getting physical. Just as long as they are in your life, everything will be seemingly easier and that’s when being a couple is best appreciated. Loving someone isn’t about whether or not they make you “feel good”. If you love someone, when you look at them you have love for them in your heart, mind, and soul.

If you give someone true, pure, and real love, when you look at them you should not see someone who is sexually attractive or vivacious or funny or popular or influencial, you should see someone you truly love regardless. When you look at them you should not see someone who is dull or stupid or inferior, or not adding value. Just by the reason that they are in your life, they are bringing a balance into your life that you would otherwise miss which may then have its own side effect on you.

Is loving more physical than emotional?

While one gets old with time, the other stays with you for all time.

3 thoughts on “Is love more physical than emotional?

  1. Attraction that is purely physical is not the everlasting kind of love, but many may be fine with it. For a deeper connection, it does take going beyond the physical. We each take our pick. I, like you, prefer the soulful kind of love:)

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