Part 13: Bitten

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At Peter’s private guesthouse, we wasted no time getting down to business. It felt like so much tension in our bodies when we finally consummated. He was nothing like Dan – gentler, more mature, more expressive, encouraging me to be more than myself. I wanted to be all that he would appreciate and remember for a long time. I wanted him to regret being married to someone else so I must have exhausted myself in the little knowledge of romantic sexual intercourse that I had come to know. I had experienced aggression about intercourse I never want to remember and the gentle side that Dan graced me with but this aggressive passion with Peter was the best of both experiences.

We laid there panting heavily, smiling too. Peter carried himself out of bed so gracefully, his abs were a beauty to behold. He was too good to be true. He opened the mini bar and asked, “Something to drink?”

“Water please”.

“Don’t be a bore. Some alcohol will do you better. You can be geared for the next couple of rounds”, he winked.

Rounds? I wasn’t sure if I would live up to that expectation so I agreed to the alcohol if it will help in the way that Peter expected.

By the time Peter drove me back to school, I was a figment of my own imagination – feeble. It was a beautiful time spent with him.

Subsequently, I got used to being with Peter every other day. Dan was concerned about my constant excuse out of campus but Funmi covered up for me. I had confided in her after that first night. At first, she was scared seeing me in the state she did. She feared I had been raped again but there was no sign of torture or violence so she smiled and asked. I was also only too proud to recount my sexcapade with Peter to her.

On one of my rendezvous with Peter in his office, I was sitting on his laps over at his desk when a lady walked right in unannounced. I stood up immediately, startled by the intrusion.

“What!” the lady yelled. “What’s going on here?”

It was then that I realised she could be Peter’s newly wedded wife. She looked too young to be a bride though. She was fresh and flawless. Probably a few years older than me, I thought.

“Darlin’, it’s not what you think” Peter motioned slowly toward her, adjusting himself as he did so.

“So explain it to me like I’m a blind fool, okay? “Cause I didn’t just see you with this whore,” her voice rose higher and higher as she got angrier and angrier.

I adjusted and picked up my handbag. I could have been upset but I suppose I deserved it. I could have attempted to speak in my defence but that would probably be the height of insolence. Peter would not have appreciated me talking to her. He had made it clear from the beginning that his wife meant a lot to him and he holds her in the esteem that is hers.

“It’s not like that, darlin’,” he aimed to get her attention away from me and focus on him instead.

“Explain it to me then”, she focused on her husband.

It was then that I snuck out of Peter’s office, leaving them to sort themselves out. As I left his office, my legs wobbled and my palms were sweaty. I couldn’t believe I put myself in such a mortifying situation as I drove out of his office premises.

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