Part 12: Bites worse than barks

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About a month must have passed after the wedding when I received Peter’s call. It was a total surprise, pleasant one I thought.

“Hey beautiful”, he said.

I smiled. He was still his usual flirtatious self.

“Hey”, I replied, biting my lower lip.

We had a lengthy conversation in that manner before he said, “Would you like to meet?”

I was ecstatic. “Where?” I asked anxiously.

“At my office in Lekki. You know where it is, do you?”

“I do. I usually drive pass on my way home”.

“Fantastic. I can have my Driver pick you up in an hour”.

That soon! I only just settled into Dan. I tried to think of a reason why I shouldn’t see Peter again but all I could think of was being alone with him.

“Are you there darlin’?” he checked.

“An hour is fine. I’ll just freshen up and get ready”, I spoke before I could let my thoughts out loud.

I was in his office. It was after 5:30 in the evening. Quite a number of the office guys were trooping out of the building when I got there. He came out of his office when he sighted me through the wooden blinds. He was on a call though. He kissed both my cheeks one after the other. I would have blushed but he didn’t give me the privilege of doing that. I was also somewhat embarrassed that he would do that in the open office where a few other people were.

“I apologise. It was an important call”, he said and smiled at me.

I smiled back. “I understand” I said.

“I hope you don’t mind staying a little late”, he asked while clearing his desk to join me on the lounge sofa. I said nothing, fixing an alluring gaze at him, willing him to come to me. “I will drop you off whenever you want”, his voice matched my entrapping eyes. He walked over to the blinds and closed them so that we couldn’t see the open office and no one from the other side would see us. Then he came over to sit with me.

Twisting my lips in a moue of mild annoyance I said, “I thought I’d never see you again”.

“C’mon Baby, you know I needed to settle into the new lifestyle before I could come back to you”, he said lifting my face to meet his’. I turned my face away in mock annoyance. “Don’t be difficult Babe. I couldn’t stop thinking about you all those days when I couldn’t reach out to you. I’ve missed you and I hoped you would have as well”.

“I did. Can’t you tell?”

“Not with the way you’re being difficult, I can’t”. Then he pulled me closer to him and I melted with smiled in his arms. Before my smile could wane, he had moved in even closer and before I could figure out what he was going to do, his lips met mine. Slowly at first but intensity began to gather as we gave in to the passion that had tensed us from the bachelor’s party.

“I have a little place not far from here. What do you say we take this little party out of here?” he whispered in between locked lips. I nodded, smiling willingly at him. “Let me get my things then we can leave”, he kissed me one more time before he made to get his things.

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