Part 11: Fighting Temptations

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“Hi Dan”, I said, resigning to the next few minutes of uncertain wave of emotions.

“Hi Omolade”, he replied dryly. Then an awkwardness fell upon the room.

“Right. There’s my queue to leave. Perhaps, you two love birds can let loose when I’m gone”, Omololu teased and he left us, shutting the door behind him. Omolade had come to pick up a few things from me after I returned from home. Mom had sent some stuff for him.

I couldn’t even remember what the sudden awkwardness between us was about but Dan was obviously still stiff about it. I sat on my bed, letting out a sigh of discomfort as I waited patiently for Dan to speak first.

“You didn’t tell me you were going home for the weekend”, he said.

I thought for a second or two before I said, “Yes, I decided to go home suddenly. I was missing home. Besides, I didn’t realize I owe you every detail of my plans”.

“Your parents trust you to be independently mature and that’s why they’ve sent you off to campus. I wouldn’t deprive you of that freedom either. It’s just that you didn’t mention it at our last conversation”, he explained innocently. “I was here on Saturday and I felt embarrassed when Funmi told you were not available. I didn’t understand how we went from being best friends to not being in touch at all”, he continued. Then moved closer to me, “Omolade, you don’t know what you have done to me these past few days that you have kept me in the dark. I kept wondering if I’ve said or done something wrong”.

“It was just two days”, I said.

“Just two days?” he seemed surprised that I trivialized it but he was quick to re-compose himself. “In the past two days I have realized how much I love you. I want to be with you and only you. I thought the feeling was mutual”, his voice faded as though needing assurance.

I said nothing, not because I didn’t want to but because I hadn’t expected Dan to be as honest so soon.

“Say something”, Dan begged, looking away from me. Perhaps hoping not to be rejected after his sincere outpour of emotions. But I still couldn’t say anything. Then he turned my face to him and looked me straight in the eye. I saw Dan in a way I had never seen him before. He looked like a sick puppy in need of love. There was a covering of wetness in his eyes, I couldn’t tell if it was tears or it just appeared so out of the sensitivity of the moment.

I touched his face. He really did love me. There was no point fighting the feeling I once felt for him. At least, he could be mine. I could only lust after Peter but he would have been another woman’s husband by now. I could as well come back to reality and drop the unnecessary defence. He is mine, my Dan. I moved closer to him and held him tight in my arms. “I love you too,” I answered eventually in a whisper.

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