Part 10: A vampire, perhaps

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“Did you enjoy your party?” I asked after Peter drove for a while.

“What do you think?” he asked with a familiarity.

“I hope you did. Your friends must have put a lot of effort into it”.

“Hm. They did”, he agreed.

“Especially, the dancer”, I recalled.

Peter looked at me and smiled, slightly raising his brow. “I knew you were jealous but pretended you had to use the washroom”, he teased.

I opened my mouth. Did he just say that? “I was not jealous in the least”, I lied, and surprised that he noticed me as much.

“Oh please. You were and you know it. I was uncomfortable so I don’t expect it to have been as easy for you to watch either”, he blurted out.

I looked away, out of the window as though concealing an excitement about something I didn’t have a name for. The stripper his friends got for his entertainment was quite pretty if I do say so myself. She was all over him and it really did make me uncomfortable, as a girl, to watch.

“Did you enjoy the party?” Peter returned the question, asking as we drove into campus. Because I had insisted on leaving early, he left his party and volunteered to drive me back to campus even though he could have had his Driver do that. His Driver drove my car behind us with Tolani in it.

I smiled. “I did”, I replied slyly.

“I thought you did. It was nice hanging out with you”, he confessed. “It would have been nicer the other night though but you were with those two school boys and I didn’t want to be rude, taking you away from them”.

I looked at him, amazed. Then I laughed. “Omololu and Dan”, I said.

“Who were those? Your boyfriends or something?”

“Oh please. How many boyfriends can a girl have?”

“My dear, only girls know the answer to that”, he mocked.

I chose to ignore the rude assumption. “Omololu is my twin brother and Dan is his friend”.

“Get out of here! Are you a twin?” Peter was pleasantly surprised.

“I am”, I flushed.

“Cool. Nice”, he exclaimed as he looked at me again, as though there was a way he would have been able to confirm that really.

Once we pulled over in front of my dormitory, Peter’s driver came over to hand me my car keys and took a while further away from us.

“Sweetheart, I’m sure you’ve noticed I find you attractive and I’m trying so hard to keep my hands off you”, Peter said immediately his driver left us.

I hadn’t expected the straightforward confession and especially the name-calling. Perhaps, that’s how more matured people handle their business.

“Don’t look so surprised. I’m sure you’ve known how drawn I am toward you and I see it all over you too”. I looked away from him, hoping to hide what’s left of my obvious show of emotions. “I’m getting married tomorrow and I know it’s coming at a wrong time but I didn’t plan it. It just happened, this just happened and it feels beautiful. I want to stay in touch with you. I would have loved to see you tomorrow but I suppose it’s for the better that you visit your parents like you planned this weekend and I focus on saying ‘I do’”, he said, drawing out all the seriousness in him. “You are beautiful”, he continued as he stroked my cheek with the back of him hand, so softly. I wish he hadn’t done that. I melted and froze at the same time. “And young and smart”, he continued.

I turned my face away from him for a moment and when I looked at him again, I said, “I’ll call you”. Getting out of the car, I turned back to look at him and added, “Have fun tomorrow”.

“Call me,” he said and drove off only after I had disappeared into my dormitory.

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