Part 7: Her new haven

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We soon arrived at Lord’s club. It was an amazing place with lots of glittering spinning lights. The banging noise and crowd was a turn off though. I hadn’t imagined there would be that many people at a club for no particular event. Unlike the cult party which had only students, this was open to anyone and everyone.

Omololu and Dan got us some drinks. I watched the people on the dance floor. I didn’t realize when I started shaking my body to the rhythm of the music.

“Would you like to dance?” some random guy asked me.

I looked up at him irritably and snapped, “No!”

“Shame. I saw you moving your body to the rhythm so I thought …” he was saying when I cut in.

“You thought wrong”, I snapped at him. He was about to say something else when Dan cut in.

“The lady doesn’t want to dance. Do you have a problem with that?” Dan protested. Omololu just sat at the other side of the round table and watched quietly. He took out a stick of cigarette and lighted it. Unlike him, he appeared not to be bothered about the other guy.

The guy walked away. Omololu took out the light of his cigarette then invited me to the dance floor. I was glad he took me away before Dan felt obliged to do so. Soon, I noticed Dan was beside us dancing with Tolani. After a while, Dan and Omololu switched partners and I was with Dan while Tolani was with Omololu.

I had never danced with a boy before, other than Omololu. Dancing with Dan was different, endearing. I found myself giving to him as much as he wanted me to get comfortable with him. We moved closer and closer to each other as though it was an opportunity we had both been waiting for. His cheek brush against my forehead felt like a kiss. It jolted me back to life. I moved back, then I looked at him in the eye.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“When are we leaving? I feel light headed all of a sudden,” I said. The rush of nerves was a confusion to my emotions, one I didn’t understand.

“It’s just 2a.m”, he said. “It won’t be safe to be on the road till at least 5a.m”.

“I have to go home in the morning. I always go home during the weekend,” I said. “I need to get enough sleep before heading home in the morning”.

“I’m sorry but it’s not my call,” Dan was sincerely worried for me.

There was no getting away from him. At least being away from campus that weekend would have saved me a few of such moments with Dan, I thought.

“Do you want to get out of here? Take a walk outside or something? You seem lost in thought or is it the noise that’s getting to you?” Dan interjected my thoughts.

“I would love to.”

“Are you also a member of the Brotherhood?” I blurted out after we walked in silence for a while.

“God, no! Why?” Dan replied unbelievably.

“Because you were at their party the other night”.

“You were also there.” Dan was being prudent.


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