Part 6: Meeting Dan

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I wished Omololu was there with me as fear slowly crept into my mind.

“You ok?” the stranger asked. He must have noticed my anxiety.

I said nothing but looked around for Omololu instead. He promised he wouldn’t leave my sight, yet it had been almost an hour since he was called away to see Don.

“My boyfriend would be very angry if he meets you here”, I threatened nervously.

“He’s left you here all by yourself and your friends have excused themselves. The least I can do is stay with you till either one of them comes back to you. I’d feel terrible to leave you unaccompanied”.  He almost sounded genuinely concerned. I looked at him. He couldn’t have meant any harm if he meant every word. On a closer looked, he looked like a mummy’s boy with such cuteness. So I let him stay with me than some other random cult guy grab me forcefully otherwise.

“I’m Daniel by the way. My friends call me Dan. You can call me Dan”. He stretched out his hand to shake me.

“My name is Omolade and everyone calls me that”, I snapped. He smiled that meek smile again then withdrew his hand when I didn’t take it.

“I see what you are doing” he said, leaning his back against the railing behind my chair.

I said nothing, maintaining my cool in my chair.

“I like you actually. You’re not like any other girl I’ve met”, he said after I gave him no attention.

“What part of the country are you from?” I asked, trying to keep the conversation away from the other direction he was taking it.

“I’m a Lagosian from the Island. Why do you ask?”

“It’s just that you seem like … never mind”.

He smiled again. “You are beautiful, if I may say”, he said instead. Watching the reaction on my face, he continued, “Do you always look like this or it’s the occasion that’s got you extra glammed tonight?”

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, I said then looked up at him and smiled. “What course are you studying?” I asked him instead.

“I’m a 300-level student of Medicine and Surgery. And you? What’s your discipline?”

“Mechanical Engineering, in my second year. You school in Medilag then?”

“Yes. Are you a student of Unilag?” Dan asked.

I nodded excitedly. “Do you know Omololu Olowookere in your school? He’s in his second year though”.

“I do. He invited me here. Funny thing is, I haven’t set my eyes on him all night”, Dan said looking around.

I had told Dan I was expecting my boyfriend so to tell him that the person I was expecting my brother actually and not my boyfriend became impossible.

“Who is Omololu to you?” Dan was curious.

I hesitated a while. It would be more fun to play around with him rather than tell Dan the truth, I thought but he would eventually find out the truth so lying to would be unnecessary.

“Omololu is my twin brother.”

“No way. Are you for real? I’m sorry but I didn’t see the resemblance”.

“We’re not identical, obviously.”

Dan and I were still talking and didn’t see Omololu when he got to us. He nudged me. Finally. I was relieved he was back.

“Where were you? I was beginning to worry”, I said to him.

“I had to take care of a few things. I see you’ve met my friend”, Omololu said, giving Dan a side hug. I perceived the smell of cigarette from him. I would have said it there and then but I didn’t want to embarrass him in the presence of his friend.

“You have such a beautiful sister and to think that she’s your twin? There’s no resemblance at all”, Dan commented.

“I don’t mean to be rude Dan, but could you please excuse us for some time? There is something urgent I have to discuss with my brother”.

“Of course”.

I watched him disappear into the dancing crowd before I spoke. “I never knew you smoke”.

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