Part 5: Settling in

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“It’s a cult party, isn’t it?” I needed him to Omololu to prove me wrong after we got to the venue of the special club party he invited my friends and I to. I wouldn’t have come in the first place but for Tolani, my childhood friend who’d joined as a freshman when I moved to Level 2. She was eager to experience the university life and I didn’t want to depress her with my experience.

“It is”, he resigned to the frustrated interrogations. I felt betrayed once again and he saw it on my face. He let out a heavy sigh before he continued. “I know I have wronged you in a lot of ways. I’m not trying to keep at it but this is a harmless party and not an assembly. Relax and enjoy the night, please. Your friends are dancing the night away.”

Anger and disappointment were an understatement of how I felt as I stood there, watching him in disbelief.

“Come on, cheer up. Why are you wearing that angry face? No one is dying tonight”, Omololu joked. It wouldn’t have made any difference if I stayed angry all night so I headed back into the dance hall. We couldn’t have heard each other over the deafening music if we can attempted to talk in there. Omololu followed me.

“Want to dance?” he asked once we were in.

“No, I don’t feel like it. You go ahead. I’ll find myself a seat.” I said.

“You don’t want to be here alone, trust me. Come dance with me instead,” he insisted. I agreed sluggishly. “As long as you’re with me, you have nothing to worry about,” he added as he took my hands. He smiled and I smiled back nervously.

Before I knew it, I begun to have fun. Don, the leader of the Brotherhood sent for Omololu. He had to leave for a while. At that time, I was confident to be alone with my friends. While we talked and laughed, a tall figure approached us. He was not dressed like one of the boys.

“Hi girls”, he greeted cheerfully. His voice was subtle.

“Hello”, Tolani was drooling at the sight of him. He had on a light blue long sleeve Ralph Lauren shirt with the small inscription logo which he wore over a white T-shirt underneath. He paired it on a pair of brown chinos and clean white sneakers. His sterling silver chain with a bogus sword pendant was not hard to miss either. It looked like he must have carefully put himself together for the party.

“I’m sorry to barge into your company ladies but I’ve been waiting a while for the opportunity to dance with the most beautiful girl in the room tonight”, he said, exposing his set of clean white dentition. He kept his asking gaze on me but I looked to the other girls to confirm he actually meant me. Tolani and Funmi were looking at me. Of course, he was talking to me but I was only there for Omololu. I saw the disappointment in Tolani’s eyes yet she smiled and nodded at me, urging me to have a dance with the total stranger at a cult party. Of course, my friends had no idea what kind of party it was or about my brother’s status.

“I’m thirsty. I’m going to get a cold drink”, Funmi excused herself.

Tolani just stood there, starring and gushing. Then Funmi nudged her. “Huh! Oh right, I need to use the washroom anyway”, Tolani lied. “You’ll be fine, won’t you?” she asked me and without waiting for an answer, they said, “We’ll be back soon”, and they were gone before I could stop them.

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