Part 3: Vengeance Plot

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My brother was not doing well. Omololu went in search for vengeance. The Brotherhood is the most dreaded cult group on campus because of the large number of recorded fatal crimes done by them. No one has the nerve to even approach to join them because of the dreary requirements. The members are huge and fearless, nothing like Omololu but he was determined for vengeance.

“Are you asking for advice or just telling me?” I was angered by his confidence as he told me.

“Both”, he said with an unreadable expression, still not looking at me as he spoke.

“I don’t think so. I guess you’ve made your decision and nothing I say will make you change your mind,” I said to him.

“You should be aware”, he looked me straight in the eye this time.

“Can you even listen to yourself? You don’t need me to tell you not to do this. Your mind is made up but I won’t let you. Just let it go. Is that so difficult to do?”

“I’m doing this for us, for you. I can’t ignore this and walk away like a coward.”

“Don’t even go there. What has gotten into you? Haven’t I told you to let it go? I can’t even believe you could think of something as stupid. You think Mom and Dad would be proud of you? Do you think I will think of you as a hero? What’s past is in the past. What is the essence of starting a fresh fight? Nothing good will become of this, I tell you.”

We never had such ugly fight about anything before. I was disgusted that he would even think he was doing it for me. I couldn’t understand why the people around me wouldn’t understand that the incident truly is better forgotten. My room mates all walk and talk around me as though I am some fragile thing going to break any moment. All the concerns from Funmi and vengeance plot by my brother wasn’t making it easy to move past that ugly event. I hoped Omololu would come back to his senses and change his mind. He looked up at the dark skies then he looked at me like he had not understood a word of what I said.

“Omolade, you do understand what I’m telling you, right?” he started again. “I’ve completed all necessary arrangements concerning these people. Opting out now would be very bad idea. Don’t you understand? There is no way out. Not anymore”.

“You joined them already?” I was shocked. I felt like giving him a slap but only if it would make any difference. “You’re neither asking for advice nor regarding me in the matter – speak of doing this for me. You have done what you feel is right. Now, you live with it. When Mom and Dad hear this, if they do, please don’t mention to them that you spoke to me about it because as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t hear a word of all the rubbish you just said. Nothing good is coming from this. I just have a bad feeling about this and by the time it comes crumbling down, please keep me out of your dirty dealings this time. I’ve had enough of you”, I left him that night furious and scared for him.


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