Part 3: Vengeance Plot

“You joined them already?” I was shocked. I felt like giving him a slap but only if it would make any difference. “You’re neither asking for advice nor regarding me in the matter – speak of doing this for me. You have done what you feel is right. Now, you live with it. When Mom and Dad hear this, if they do, please don’t mention to them that you spoke to me about it because as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t hear a word of all the rubbish you just said. Nothing good is coming from this. I just have a bad feeling about this and by the time it comes crumbling down, please keep me out of your dirty dealings this time. I’ve had enough of you”, I left him that night furious and scared for him. … More Part 3: Vengeance Plot

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How do you handle ‘Chikers’?

It would seem natural for married people to stay away from having affairs with one another, I mean, once you can sight the wedding band then it should be an automatic NO NETWORK signal. But I have heard someone say he’s more comfortable to date a married woman because there are less expectations and even lesser responsibilities on him. That was by far the most selfish thing I ever heard. … More How do you handle ‘Chikers’?

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