Part 2: The Recovery

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I had just woken from a long and deep sleep, it was dark outside. For a minute, I didn’t recognize where I was or who I was. Dupe or Omolade, I felt like I was living the two persons. I groaned in pain as I sat up in my bed then realized I was in my hostel room. I remembered Omololu. I missed him and wished I could see him. I glanced at the wall clock. I missed my afternoon lectures, again. I groaned even more.

“Funmi why didn’t you wake me?” I dragged myself out the bed.

“You were sleeping so peacefully I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Just then, Omololu knocked on the door. I was glad to see him. He brought me a take-out from a restaurant with a few cans of energy drink. Funmi told him I had just woken up from a long nap and he was happy to hear I was doing better already. He still had the dressing under his cheekbone and across his eyebrows from the injuries. The cast on his left arm had just come off before we returned to school. I was more worried for him than he was for me. He wouldn’t stop blaming himself for what happened that night. He threatened to deal with the perpetrators of the evil act. As much as I wanted vengeance on those horrible monsters, I feared for Omololu. I didn’t want him to get into more trouble. I tried intermittently to make him forget and heal especially from his anger but he only got angrier. I watched him become indomitable and resolute in his quest for vengeance.

“Omololu, promise me. Promise me you will stay out of any more trouble. Please. We were only saved by stroke of luck”.

He said nothing and got up to leave instead. I walked with him to the car. Father had insisted we bring one of the cars from the house for ease of our movement around campus. Mother agreed we could come back to campus if we would live in the designated gender dormitories. She was sure that was the cause of both our misfortune.

“You don’t have to worry”, he assured me as he opened the door to the car. “I’m fine. I heard you loud and clear. There’s nothing to be agitated about. I’m just going to leave everything to God,” he said.

There was something about the sarcasm or was it insincerity in his voice that gave him away. I didn’t believe him yet there was nothing I could do besides what I had done already – keep talking to him. “If you insist”, I said.

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