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I got an invitation to my first party in the University after I had settled in comfortably with my course mates. They called it a bachelor’s eve. Lots of students were trooping out of campus that Friday night to one party or the other. I wouldn’t have minded going out that night, just not to a bachelor’s party.

“Going to a bachelor’s eve isn’t my idea of fun”, I said to my friends. “Besides if the bachelor wanted some entertainment girls, let him find them elsewhere.”

My friends burst into laughter as they made mockery of me. “Please saint Omolade, save your sermon. We’re all adults here. I’m sure everyone can decide for themselves. We’re going there to catch our fun and not entertain and quench the desires of some randy men like you’re thinking”, Tolu said, throwing my attitude back in my face.

Tolu was a freshman in University like me and she was eager to learn of the fun and life of partying in the University. She’d heard of the fun life of the infamous University of Lagos and she was ready to partake of it to the fullest. Despite the mockery from my friends, I didn’t compromise my decision that night so I headed for my private quarters which I shared with my twin brother but not until I saw Funmi, Tolu and Lola off into the expensive car that was sent to bring as many girls that were interested to attend the party.

It was almost midnight and I found myself dragging along the lonely road. When I reached the third floor of the lecturer’s high-rise, I heard strange noises. I was scared. The noise was from my room. I didn’t have the option of running away or hiding till it was over. My brother could be in trouble. I rushed to open the door. I was horrified at what I saw.

Segun and Yinka were battering my brother. I rushed to pull him away from them but before I succeeded, a hard slap threw me to the floor rendering me weak with series of echoes in my ear.  My eyes grew teary and I felt blood come out from my nose. By the time I got hold of myself, Omololu was already collapsed in a pool of blood with cuts and bruises all over his body. I gasped when I saw my brother like that. I pushed myself across the rugged floor toward him but within a twinkling of an eye, one of the boys pulled me up by my hair. It was painful. He tied my hands and feet to each corner of my bed. I fought and screamed but I couldn’t get away from him. Then I began to beg, mercilessly.

“I’ve been asking to be your boyfriend. Instead of giving yourself to me, all you do is flaunt your sexy body around me. You shouldn’t have done that. Now here you are, at my mercy but not to worry, I will be gentle”, Segun said as he smiled so devilishly.

My eyes grew with fear at the possibility of the devilish thought on his mind. He stroked my cheek as he spoke. I struggled to get the twines loose but they were tied hard.  I loathed his touch yet all I did was pleaded. I must have said a prayer that night. If there was ever a time I needed a miracle, it was that night, a miracle of obstruction. I shot my eyes so tight and hoped by the time I opened them, it would all be one bad dream. But when I opened my eyes, my brother was still in a pool of his own blood and the boys were gearing to rape me.

As the boys took their turns, my brother awoke from my screams and cries. He tried to pull his body towards the bed but it was difficult for him to move at all. His face was badly cut. He only managed to see with one eye.

After they were done and gone, I wanted to be dead. I couldn’t believe still that it happened to me, to us. But the evidences were real, painfully so. When I thought I was disappointed back then in secondary school, the pain and hurt and fury I felt at that moment toward life and God were insurmountable. Then I thought of Mother. She would be devastated, broken. It would confirm her reservations about being secluded from other students. I feared for my brother and I. The extent of the damage would now only be determined by doctors if only we would make it through that night alive. The sight of him frightened me as I imagined the worst lying with my swollen eyes glued to the white ceiling. The tears rolled down without a sound or whimper.

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