After all that’s said and done, the things that matter

While some degree of complexity in a relationship is healthy for sustenance, we ought to be mindful to protect, keep and invest in the things we want to matter in the long run. People – relationships are one of the things that will stand by you and the test of time, especially in your old age. Cherish one another, appreciate one another, respect one another – after all, really the best things in life isn’t about the dough.   … More After all that’s said and done, the things that matter

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Part 10: A vampire, perhaps

“It would have been nicer the other night though but you were with those two school boys and I didn’t want to be rude, taking you away from them”.

I looked at him, amazed. Then I laughed. “Omololu and Dan”, I said.

“Who were those? Your boyfriends or something?”

“Oh please. How many boyfriends can a girl have?”

“My dear, only girls know the answer to that”, he mocked. … More Part 10: A vampire, perhaps

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Why women cheat

On my drive home through busy traffic, I watched this random woman on the road roll her big ‘bakasi’ as she walked on, probably heading home after a hard day’s work and for some weird reason I thought to myself – this woman’s husband must be lucky to have all that bakasi all to himself. Then I was quick to think, men aren’t altogether predictable as well. Her husband might probably just have had enough of all her deliciousness and is seeking some new ‘feel’ elsewhere. While it might be easier and more convenient for some men to cheat, women have also been known to exploit this area too for reason best known to them. … More Why women cheat

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Part 9: Along came a spider

“Dance with me”, he insisted. There was no more strength in me to resist him anymore so I obeyed quietly, taking his hand and followed him to the dance floor.

Being in his arms, dancing so closely made me even more nervous than I could understand. He saw the nervousness all over me but did nothing to help me feel better. Even worse, he wouldn’t stop looking intently at my face even when I tried to hide it away from him. This isn’t me, I thought to myself. Why am I being apprehensive being with this man? So I decided to cut the growing tension. … More Part 9: Along came a spider

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Part 8: Twice Shy

Peter Daniels – Managing Director, Chevron Oil Company.

Him? A Managing Director? But he seemed so young to be the managing director of an oil company. I had danced with him briefly after Dan and I went back into the club. He must have been keeping his eye on him long enough to know he wouldn’t get good time with me to ignite a conversation so he dropped his business card in my jeans back pocket. I left he touched me but when I looked at him, he raised his hands like it was an innocent mistake. I wouldn’t have guessed if I didn’t have to empty the pockets to give out my club clothes to the dormitory laundry woman. They smelled out cigarette smoke. … More Part 8: Twice Shy

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Part 7: Her new haven

I had never danced with a boy before, other than Omololu. Dancing with Dan was different, endearing. I found myself giving to him as much as he wanted me to get comfortable with him. We moved closer and closer to each other as though it was an opportunity we had both been waiting for. His cheek brush against my forehead felt like a kiss. It jolted me back to life. I moved back, then I looked at him in the eye. … More Part 7: Her new haven

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Secrets men keep

Men equate financial stability with their provider skills. The more unstable things are, the more they feel like they have failed as a provider. If he’s making less than he used to and the bills aren’t able to be paid, he might hide it even at the detriment of your distrust opinion of him after certain expectations are not been met. As a supportive partner, stay involved in the finances so that life’s curve balls don’t deal both of you. This is when he need to be reassured of their partner’s love and loyalty the most. … More Secrets men keep

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