How music is shaping the next generation

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When I was growing up, I thought the kind of music my parents enjoyed were boring and just plain old, like only old people would ever enjoy those kind of music – mostly apala sung by the likes of Haruna Ishola and Ayinla Omowura. My dad enjoyed that. My mom preferred a more danceable kind of music which I’d still listen to today – the likes of Salawa Abeni and Ayinde Barrister. But more popular musicians I listened to while growing up were by King Sunny Ade, Adewale Ayuba, Yvonne Chaka chaka, Sunny Okosun and the evergreen Onyeka Onwosun.

It wasn’t just dance and beat that made music enjoyable. It was the lyrics, awareness, and other times it was just for the sake of bringing people together. Music holds a special place and memory in our hearts. When I remember certain songs even now, I remember my Uni days. It’s so fresh my in mind, brings back memories. The likes of Craig David, Brandy, Monica.

But wait, did it ever occur to you that with every music, every lyric, it sort of shapes and molds our expectations and outlook on life, education, friendship, school and even relationships?  Music can help us feel better at a very trying time of in lives. It has the power to bring peace and harmony and even to a group of people. I want to believe that the intention of music from time immemorial is this – beautifully intended for all situations.

Yet the other day I was at the salon, every single music that played on the TV was so lewd. It was either songs of a woman’s bottom or nakedness or how Gucci and Prada is all women want and this made me cringe. Even if I don’t have keen interest in those kind of music because in my sister’s words, ‘I’m old school’, what about the coming generation who would probably never know good music in their lifetime? Worse is the reality that these foul music is then what will mold and inform their expectations on life, education, school, friendship and relationships. Things like genuine friendship and relationship won’t matter anymore because all they’ll want is to be as good as the scantily cladded dancers on the TV or as fly as the people they see in the music videos or learn the foul lyrics by heart without them even knowing what they’re chanting indirectly.

If we as adults and parents are even deceived and blinded to these hip music and we can’t see the harm to the next generation, how can we correct and protect or even preserve the world? Everything in the world, every part of life has a rippling effect that shapes what the next generation turns out to be. It’s like eating a poisoned apple, golden shinny apple on the outside and perhaps tastes heavenly but the side effect on the health is in the nearest future. I fear to see what contemporary music will turn the world to in the next two decades just much as I am afraid for what the future holds in a corrupt upwardly mobile world.

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