When I lose my logic

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To most people,

I am tough, a snob, sometimes mean, unpredictable, domineering and independent.

Can you even imagine me being these things?

If no, then in my mother’s words, I must really like you.

I like you enough to lose my logic with you, for you.

I don’t want to have to think or rationalize anything to do with you.

I just want to love you endlessly and foolishly,

Not because I’m not smart enough to see through you

But because I choose to let you be who you want to be with me

And give myself the chance to be a teenager again.

3 thoughts on “When I lose my logic

  1. Wow!! So relatable. The way you wrote this resonates with my own personality. I am snobby and stuck up sometimes. I have a resting bitch face. But, if i really like someone(Someone I am dating) they will never ever see that side of me lol. I mean, maybe they will. Only if they bring it out of me. It’s always smart to be with someone who brings out the best in us. Thanks for sharing! 🙌🏼💙

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