Fun things to do on a rainy day


It should have been a much deserved and anticipated season in Nigeria – rainy season. Especially for those living on Lagos Island, it’s nothing to be excited about. Rains are well flooding into people’s living rooms and it’s not looking like a good sight at all but trust Nigerians to make the most out of the worst situations. I’ve seen funny videos of flooding being referred to as invite to a pool party or the video of the white man paddling a canoe on what appears to be a street in Victoria Island. Oh well, if we’re going to have a good laugh and make the best of the time, we might as well think up a few fun things to do on a rainy.

Get creative

We all love to do one or two things but because of crazy schedules, we put a lot of our ideas on hold. Well, here’s the perfect opportunity to recall those ideas and begin to pen them down or better still, get them rolling. If you’ve always wanted to write, it’s a good time to scribble down your thoughts on what you want to write. If you want to go into some business, study a business plan and make it yours. You’ll find you’ll have more reference to a rainy day put into good use.

Make Your Own Bubble Bath

Since you’re going to be stuck in-doors all day anyway, you might as well slip into a soothing bath laced with your own moisturizing soap blend and treat yourself to some well-deserved self-love quality time. You’ll hardly ever get the chance anyway so make use of your locked up time for some time worth your while.

Cook up something new

Cook up something new or something you haven’t had the time to make in a really long time. Or better still, try baking some cookies. Nothing cures rainy day blues like oven fresh cookies with warm milk. Here are some classic cookie recipes to choose from if you’re looking to try this out.

Line up your own cinema queue

Queue up some classics the whole family can enjoy, like Sounds of Music or Toy Story. You definitely want to get the kids involved for this marathon screening. Keep a cozy throw on hand to snuggle under, a big bowl of popcorn to dip into, and settle in to enjoy the show(s). The kids may be sleeping sooner than you know.

Brush up on Your Mixology

Use a lazy afternoon to master the art of your favorite drink that you can serve at your next dinner party or pour for yourself after a tough day at work. So grab some snacks, you don’t want to drink martinis on an empty stomach. Here are some Classic Cocktail Recipes for your experimentation.

Be a warm partner

After the kids are asleep from the movies and you are even more relaxed from your drink, it’s time to fulfill your duty as a spouse and keep each other warm. Be spontaneous. You may even discover depths and new adventures you never knew were there before. Don’t take my word for it – go be a warm partner. Have a simple yet sexy candle light dinner with your partner including home cooked meal and some nice wine.

Just relax and do nothing

If you are a workaholic and free time is hardly ever possible, it’s a good time to just relax, unwind and do nothing for a change. After all, life is too short to keep going at routines. Breathe a little.

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