What is Your Travel Personality?


There are many different types of travelers out there. Although at times, people can fit into multiple ones, it is always better to know what you travel personality is. This will go a long way in helping you plan your trips. Also, in cases when you have to go on a trip with a travel buddy, before you book one of the luxury hotels in Victoria Island together, it is important you spend time to study your buddy/buddies. Because knowing your their travel personality will help prevent or manage friction and other personality clashes that may arise. Below are some of the travel personalities that exist:

  1. The Adventure Seeker

This type of travel personality is the one that comes across as the impulsive type – the type of traveler that rises up every morning with an infectious lust for life and a determination to try everything at least once. If you are that magnetic individual that always try out impossible things – things out of the ordinary such as bungee jumping in New Zealand, embarking on crazy, unexpected and magical journeys, running with the bulls in Pamplona, skiing from the top of a mountain in Banff, dancing until 6 in the morning in Berlin, or boating down the Amazon, all signs point to you being an adventure traveler. The funny thing is that this type of personality wakes up with no recollection of what happened the night before.

2. The Conformist

This travel personality is a depressing universal type. The Conformist travels not for personal satisfaction but for social acceptance. Perhaps the conformist even finds personal satisfaction in social acceptance. So next time you think of traveling to a destination because it will make you look cool among your peers, then you might be leaning towards the conformist travel personality. This travel personality is not entirely bad but pleasure should be sought for personal gratification and not social acceptance.

3. The Self-Improver

This travel personality embarks on trips in a bid to self-improve. During trips, he gets up earlier than the team and comes back later than everyone. Cheerfully making the most of everything a new place has to offer. Another trait of this travel personality type is that they possess tremendous stamina. While picking out what to wear during a trip, they pick comfort over style. They are likely to do a lot of research beforehand, to pack a lot of books when embarking on trips and return with even more. As such if you happen to exhibit some of these traits during your trips, then chances are that your travel personality is the self-improver.

4. The Escapist

This travel personality is one that travels in a bid to escape from everything and everyone. He looks forward to every new trip as a way to escape from boredom, worry, heartbreak, guilt, fear, failure, conflict, his own reflection in the mirror, anything at all.

Fugitive from the familiar, he is usually under the most delightful of delusions, and sees distance as a medicine to cure his sickness. As such, next time you see yourself traveling in a bid to escape from everything, then you might just be leaning towards the Escapist travel personality.

5. The Pilgrim

This travel personality is one that travels for religious purposes – be it a follower of trails, visitor of shrines or anything in honor of a deity. The most devoted Pilgrims from Nigeria travel to Mecca or Jerusalem in case of Christians. One thing to note here is that this type of personality hardly travels except it is in fulfillment of a religious dream. Hence, if you notice that you only travel for religious reasons, then you might be tilting towards the pilgrim travel personality.

6. The Oblivious

This is often regarded as the saddest type of traveler. During trips, this is usually that one person that neither pays attention, nor show interest in where he or she is. You will be shocked to find out that some people travel because they are being forced or coerced to. As such, if you are the type of traveler that does not seem to be bothered about where he is, then you might just be leaning towards the oblivious travel personality.

7. The Pioneer

This type of travel personality is one who is always on the quest of discovering a new destination. Although most places in the world have been discovered by the likes of Christopher Columbus, the pioneer still believes that there is a hidden place waiting to be discovered. When placed in groups, the pioneer often breaks out of the group and wanders afar off, to nowhere in particular. He is usually the one to discover a stream, a fire place, or even footprints on the dry sand of the Sahara Desert. So, if you see yourself doing too much “waka-waka” away from your travel buddy (ies), then you might just be showing traits of the pioneer travel personality.

8. The Collector

This is the most sophisticated of all the different types of travel personalities. He is usually exceptional and exotic, always looking out for rare precious items in every destination. Possessing a purely metaphorical curiosity, he travels in order to gather up uncommon experiences in out-of-the-way places. Once found, these are meticulously pinned in memory and proudly displayed in conversation. So next time you see someone displaying their vast knowledge of different destinations during conversations, chances are that he or she possesses the collector travel personality.


Written by Sandra Enaholo DARE


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