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Sex and money. Success and fame. What gives you pleasure?

Pleasure is a broad class of mental states that we experience as enjoyable or worth seeking. It’s amazing how these things that give us pleasure can consume our minds. I saw an image message some time ago asking whether you’ll rather choose a life devoid of sex over money or vice versa. When I deliberated about the question, I wondered, how would life be if we all chose money over sex? How would children be born? Perhaps, God can just deliver children to us whenever He feels we’re ready for them. In this way, a lot of couples still waiting to have children might not fall into this category while so many who have children might not be so fortunate.

Anyways, sex and money, success and fame, these are basically the things that give humans pleasure most likely in that order too, admit it or not. If we had a life never knowing sex or money, how would we have pleasure or measure the things that keep us fulfilled or give us satisfaction? Perhaps that’s where success and fame may substitute as medium of satisfaction to us.

If success is described as attainment of higher social status and fame is synonymous to celebrity, I don’t see why this isn’t a more reasonable satisfaction to pursue. But then, reasonable sometimes isn’t always our forte. We like to be sentimental and emotional. If we’re not being that, we are using it as some form of marketing strategy to get what we want. Yet if these were our primary means of satisfaction, I think the world would be a better place.

It’s enough scoff at the honest fact that both sex and money leave us empty after gracing us with few moments of satisfaction. Then what?

I said to someone once, I want to be a successful writer and the person asked me what my idea of successful writer is. For me, it’s not about being famous but it’s about reaching as many people as possible, affecting lives positively and leaving good impressions. I love me some good money but for me, money is like the wind. It comes and goes, blows east then west. It’ll be torture to base my life chasing something like that but success is constant. You’re either a success or you’re not. Is success based on how much money you have in your bank account though? You may analyze that honestly by yourself but I am confident that heights of success, in different ramifications, are incomparable to any other forms of pleasure. Success and fame often go hand in hand. It’s only a matter of time before one manifests into the other.

If we were to eradicate sex and money for life, success and fame would be the height of pleasures for mankind. Now, would that be so bad? At least, we’ll all be in a healthy competition and strive for continuous development. Some healthy development is much appreciated. Really.

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