The hope of the single mother

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Child bearing is one of the most beautiful moments a woman will ever experience. Regardless of the pains of child labor, once you see that angelic innocent face, it won’t matter anymore and your life just changes in that instant forever.

Change is relative in different situations. For the married woman, it’s a life completing testimony. For the unmarried woman, child bearing sets you on another plane but makes it no less of a life completing testimony. A child is a child, anyway, regardless of the circumstances in which it was born. But being a single mother has its stereotype in the eyes of everyone else. A single mother can either settle into that derogatory plane, become helpless in their situation or they can pick up the pieces and move on despite the odds. In any way, what drives us as humans differ and it’s the element that drives us that keep us going and pushing harder no matter what the world says to put us down.

Being that the standard and traditional family is seen as having both a mother and father, single parenting has caused many to fear that the outcome and structure could potentially be destroyed by embracing single parenthood. Single parenting was something that society really looked down upon and didn’t embrace at all. While some people believe that it has become more socially acceptable because the times have changed and society celebrates the independence of women, the reality is that striving single moms still struggle to find their feet and fit into a home. Perhaps because of the economic difficulty in the society now, men can’t even afford to be with single ladies who aren’t established in their jobs let alone date one with excesses. It takes a matured man to decide to love with a single mother for who she is and not what she’s been through. The level of castigation against the single mother in reality is worrisome.

If the society is really concerned about the future and raising confident world leaders then we should learn to love and accept one another regardless of the past. Who doesn’t have a past anyway? The future has greater hopes for those who will embrace the joys of life.

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