Does love really hurt?

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It’s often impossible to assess a situation objectively when it has to do with you. As logical as we want to be, it’s still a struggle until we are able to see the situation through someone else’s dilemma.

When I read some troubled stories on social media, as ridiculous as 80% of them are, I’m able to relate to the remaining percentage in some ways. There are no straight answers or solutions when it comes to relationship issues and giving advice because what works for someone might backfire in another relationship. But really, the issues people recount sometimes are absolutely not worth broadcasting. It’s as simple as yes or no. Indecision is one major issue of concern. For instance if a woman complains about her husband on social media and is seeking advice, I believe certain decisions are simple. It’s either you can cope or you can’t. In situations when you can’t cope, you don’t need anyone to tell you to persevere because there’s no capacity left in you for further perseverance but if you can, then it’s a matter of working at your relationship, applying logic and trying to be objective enough to do what’s best for you.

If life could be as simple as ‘I can’t be with you because I refuse to tolerant this or that’ and you’re confident enough to stand by your decisions without regret then I don’t think love hurts. It begins to hurt when we give other people the power to hurt us. God created man; He loves us. Do we hurt Him? Yes. It is the love that hurts Him? No. It’s the disappointment in the confidence He has in us that break His heart because He loves us.

Love is many things but it is not hurting. The people we love and adore may hurt us and it is because we love them that we have such faith in them to love and respect us in return. No one is under such obligation, it is voluntary. So guard your heart with all diligence.

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