Things to do if your wife’s love language is quality time


Language is known as a means of communication. Yet it would appear strange that some couples don’t have common grounds for communication and you wonder how they got where they are in the first place. Whether you’re talking or acting, whatever you do sends a message to your spouse. Men usually believe they don’t have a love language or maybe besides the obvious but women have no reservations admitting their desire for attention and affection. In marriage, words of affirmation, expressing vocal affection, praise or appreciation are all part of love languages you should be able to relate with to your wife. Little acts of service, actions rather than words are used to show and receive love.

Spending quality time with your spouse says a lot about your relationship. So here’s something out to husbands tonight – a few things to do if your wife’s love language is quality time.

  1. Initiate time with her – If you find yourself in the other room alone, stop what you’re doing and go be with her. Ignoring this early signs of distance in your relationship will only widen the communication gap and before you know it, all form of intimacy becomes unappreciated.
  2. Maintain eye contact – The eye is the window to the soul or so they say. Maintaining eye contact with her wife while spending time with her signifies your confidence and full dedication of your time with her. She can tell a lot by looking in your eyes and if you’re attentive enough, you will deduce a lot from her unspoken words from the look in her eyes. Don’t trivialize this. It really matters, so do it.
  3. Don’t interrupt when she’s talking – Few things say ‘I don’t care about what you talking about’ more than interrupting her when she’s trying to talk to you. Women like to talk – it’s part of who they are. It doesn’t mean all women are talkative; it just means she likes you enough to share everything with you. So be a gentleman and listen when she’s got something serious to say too without interrupting.
  4. Don’t ‘listen’ and do something else at the same time – Nothing is more insulting than pretending to give time or listening ear and doing something else at the same time. Put your phone and laptop away and actually be present in your quality time spending with your wife.
  5. Be in touch with her even when you’re not with her – This signifies interest beyond getting physical. Checking up in between your busy schedule at work is a sweet way to say ‘you’re always on my mind’. This way you get to share your life with your wife effortlessly and transparently.
  6. Listen for feelings – Ask yourself ‘what emotion is my spouse experiencing?’ When you’re able to identify the mood or feeling your wife is experiencing at any given time and you are patient to help her handle and deal with her emotions, you’re sure to get the best experience out of your quality time with her.
  7. Make time to do more casual stuff together – Spending time together is one of the best things you can do with your wife. That is quality time on its own that make beautiful memories that transcends beyond the hustle and bustle of life. Go see a movie, go for a walk, do things that give you more time together.

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