State of the ‘art’

My balance I find from the activities that fill my day

If I lived on your love,

I’d be mad now

And even though it’ll appear I keep it together beautifully

I lose my mind each and every day away from you

In the midst of the busiest day,

You’re still on my mind

But I get nervous when I speak to you

Yet you don’t even notice my fidgety

All of this epistle is because I miss you Baby … More State of the ‘art’

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Did I become less privileged when I got married?

Women start off their lives wanting one thing – to be cherished. Cherish, you’ll say is relative. Could be in a relationship, in the society, in whatever space they find themselves. If women feel less cherished in one space, they remove themselves physically or emotionally from that space into another that is appreciative of them. … More Did I become less privileged when I got married?

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