It’s only just a matter of time


When grief looms over like a cloud,
And your heart gets broken,
And your spirit is down,
It all seems like happiness is but a distant dream,
And it loses its meaning
Where it cannot be seen.

And we are lost where it’s dark,
Without a song in our hearts,
And we couldn’t believe it would all pass away.
If we could only hold on to a rhyme,
Which could make us remember the light,
Then morning might not be so far away,
It’s only just a matter of time.

If we could imagine once more,
What joys are instore
With the rising of another day;
If we could only hear again
That gentle voice in the wind
Reminding us that dawn is already near,
Won’t we break out into songs
And cheer each other on
And say it’s just a matter of time?
Won’t we be able to bear
The darkness we are in,
Knowing it couldn’t help but end
And it’s just a matter of when!

And though the dawn is yet to come,
And the night is yet to end,
Though our pain still lingers,
And our wounds are yet to heal,
We rejoice with our hopes,
As though they’ve already come,
Certain that our prayers were heard

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