A long walk home


It’s hard to say from where I stand
Exactly when it all began
But someplace there’s a point you cross the line
You see the tears than stain my face
Mirrored in my make-up case
I know it’s time to leave this place behind
But it’s a long way home
Trying to retrace my steps
It’s all too easy to forget
Just which way to go
This is going to be one long way home
And if I lose my way
I only have to remember the endless broken lines
Starting to retrace my steps
You learn to live with your regrets
Next stop, heaven knows
It’s a long way home

One thought on “A long walk home

  1. It’s truly a long way home, where do we begin? how do we explain the situation? when shall we commence the journey back home? should regrets becloud our sense of reasoning? should we launch our actions without incorporating our present status?
    So many thought comes to mind but in it all seek your happiness. Navigate your way with an end in mind, be conscious of time, alert your reasoning. Your happiness is the best achievement ever.

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