Story telling: Series 14

One rainy Friday evening when Bunmi came crying to Olusegun at his chalet, she had watched carefully to ensure that no one saw her go in. She came in through the rear entrance. She wore a black veil over her face so that no one would recognize her. Olusegun was caught in a vulnerable state when he saw the girl in tears drenched in the rain.

“Calm down”, he pacified continuously when she wouldn’t stop crying. “What is wrong?” Olusegun inquired but she only cried more, throwing herself at him at intervals. He took her into his arms and comforted her. He didn’t know what else to do. Bunmi enjoyed the feel of his strong muscles while sniffing the sweet smell of his body.

“Talk to me, please”, he insisted more firmly, holding her out by her shoulders. “I really don’t like the way you are crying so much. Whatever it is, it is because you know you can confide in me that you’ve come here. Please tell me, what is it?” The look on his face clearly shows how sincerely concerned he is.

Between sobs, Bunmi spoke. “Muiz … he broke up with me”.

“Why? What happened?” he asked.

“He said people told him they have been seeing me and you together a lot. He said he didn’t trust me anymore”. Bunmi burst into tears again.

“Really” Olusegun raised his right eyebrow in irritated sarcasm. “Hmm … I guess he didn’t trust you at all in the first place then. It is good it’s over between you two, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been a good partner if he doesn’t even trust you. You’re better off without him. He’s just a coward. Is that why you’re crying this much?” He lifted her slobbered face, wiped away her tears and smiled a comforting smile. “You are better than that”. It almost sounded like a whisper.

In that moment, Bunmi only wanted to be held by him. It was all she’s every wanted. She smiled back and held him tightly in a wet embrace. They sat on his bed. Olusegun could feel her curves pressing against his body. The wetness of her body made it feel even more impossible to resist. The rain poured even heavier outside. He felt the swelling nerve rise from his head as it flowed throughout his body. His chest rose as he inhaled an amount of cold air to ease his increasingly erratic nerve. He felt her breasts pressed harder against him. He shot his eyes tight as his entire body clenched at the intimacy of the moment. Bunmi held on, now even tighter than before. She prayed he wouldn’t shove her off. The moment was too perfect. No one would come knocking in the midst of the heavy pouring rain.

Olusegun felt her warm breath on his bare shoulder. He wore only a fitted singlet and a pair of boxers. He contemplated wriggling out of her embrace as the situation aroused him. He thought of sending her away to avoid the inevitable at that moment, but not in the rain. Then he felt embarrassed to release himself from her embrace for fear of seeing his throbbing manhood through his boxers. The rise of his manhood told the story of what was going on in his head, regardless of his attempt to escape her embrace. Bunmi gently unwraps her arms. She looked at his boxers. When her eyes met his again, she fluttered her lashes as though embarrassed but before she could say a word, he sprang forward, forced her lips apart with his tongue, twisting and rolling it at every corner of her mouth. She struggled to push him off.

“What are you doing?” She acted surprised. “We aren’t even attracted to each other”. Olusegun pretended to think of what she said and attempted to refrain himself. He moved an inch away from her but he was fully aroused already. His body wanted hers. His penis needed her warmth. He couldn’t think straight. As he looked at her again looking back at him with flirtatious eyes, he knew she wanted him as much as his body did. And then when he went toward her again, this time he was softer and leading. She kept her eyes on him and followed his every move until they closed their eyes as they went down on his bed.


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