Story telling: Series 13

The days ahead seemed brighter and for some reason, Olusegun felt good in control of his complete family. The only way Nifemi felt she could make up for lost times with her family again is to visit them often so stayed over on weekends to spend more time at Ebute Metta. Olusegun respected her decision to be closer to her family, after all, they would soon be married and she wouldn’t have to stay away so often. But he like being free from Fareedah’s late night crying and wailings for confusing reasons. He was able to make time for his friends and hang out a few hours at the Polytechnic after lectures. He hadn’t had so much time to spare since Nifemi and the baby became part of his life.

Bunmi soon learnt of Olusegun’s weekend home alone lifestyle. Even though he had not shown interest in her before Nifemi came into the picture, Bunmi had always eyes Olusegun for herself. She couldn’t understand how Olusegun would go as far as Lagos Island to get a bride when she is as beautiful and closer to him. Her mother and Olusegun’s mother has always been good friends. Naturally, they were perfect for each other, she always thought.

On one of those times when Nifemi had been gone for more than a weekend, Bunmi came to offer some domestic assistance. Olusegun did not seem to mind having her around. After all, everyone knew he is now a family man. However, Mama noticed how often Bunmi seems to be helpful to her son and she warned her son to be mindful of the girl.

“Don’t worry Mama, there’s nothing going on. I have a baby and a beautiful wife, remember?” He always replied his mother confidently.

“I see. When are you going to get them from Lagos anyway? Or have you completely abandoned them to her parents?”

“How can I? I spoke to Nifemi on the phone this afternoon. I am going to pick them on Saturday”, he hesitated. “I love Nifemi sincerely, nothing will change that”, he whispered to his mother.

“What about the wedding? You no longer say anything about that again? At least her parents have given you the go-ahead, what else are you waiting on?”

“Ma-ma”, he grumbled. “Everything has its own time. At least we have their blessing now, that’s more important than signing a piece of paper which will tie us together”.

“It is more than a piece of paper. It is tradition, the right thing to do. Don’t be deceived. I see you are feeling comfortable now because she has your daughter so you think she won’t leave you because of that. My dear, even married women with four children have abandoned their families. Be wise and do the right thing”, Mama pulled her ears in warning to him.

“I have heard you”.

Meanwhile, Nifemi’s mother was making a scheme of her own. Having her daughter around often gave her new confidence about reuniting her with Mr. Martins.


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