What is love without music?


“When two people emotionally in sync stand side by side singing the same song and they are temporarily interrupted by a loud noise. When the noise is gone and they are still on the same note, same melody, that is love.”

Memories are made through time and space. Time is remembered by the special moments we make of it. You may forget what was said or how it was said but in love, even if you try, even when you don’t want to remember, a song brings back exact memories of treasured moments you always hoped you’d have forever.

Love is beautiful. Love is magical. Love is overwhelming. Love is complete. Love completes. Love makes alive. Love is everlasting because even after life is gone, there will still be love. A life without love is like a beautiful movie scene with no sound track at all. Music sets the tempo for love. It gives the perfect balance and memories to cherish forever.


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